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    Looking Back.. (Total Ownage Trades)

    Good day! I'm opening this post up so people (like myself) can gloat a little about trades that may not have been ideal at the time but ended up being more and more one-sided as this season has progressed. Congratulations to everyone who worked someone over in his or her league!

    Here's my ownage:

    Timeframe - early July
    I gave Liriano,& Stauffer
    I got Greinke

    Greinke has been 5-1 with 71/17 (Ks/BBs) and a 2.48 ERA in his 9 starts since the trade. With the open roster spot, I also plucked Jennings from the FA pool and sat on him just long enough to get called up and become a stud.

    Good luck the rest of the way out to all!

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    • Bourn for Lincecum on June 24.

      In 10 starts since the deal Lincecum has lowered his ERA from 3.04 to 2.53. 69 K's and 5 wins to go along with the 1.5 or so ERA.

      Bourn has 11 SBs in July and August when he had 14 in June and 11 in April as well as his two least productive months in the runs scored department.

      I still like my Ethier/CYoung/Gio for Ellsbury/ARam/Bedard deal. Ellsbury himself is worth more than the three I gave up for him. Bedard had a great month right after the trade and ARam has had a great six weeks lately.

    • damn suckers well lets see i traded YouK for M.Caberera and J.Garcia in one league and I traded MNick Markakis for J.Lester right when he was about to come the DL

    • Near the start of the year: Traded Hanley away for Lincecum, traded Adam Dunn and Grady Sizemore for Rajai Davis then got a guy desperate for steals and saves to trade me Reyes for Sergio Santos and Rajai Davis, traded Brian Wilson for Kershaw, traded Ubaldo and Corey Hart for Kinsler and Billy Butler. Eventually traded Kinsler, Quentin, and Scherzer for Zobrist, Melky, and Bastardo. Right at the deadline traded Beckett and Pence for Braun. All of these trades in the same league, granted some of these managers obviously aren't the brightest, but it's not my fault for taking advantage and building a stellar team.

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      • At the season start I picked up Shildes, A.Cab, Cuddy and Adam Jones (however I dropped Peralta for Chipper)... Also after a couple of bad starts someone dropped Ogando, picked up... And Prado when he got off the DL
        The other league, at the start of the season I added Jurjens, A.Jones, S.Drew (when he was red hot), Cueto, Avila (I had Posey, so I was lucky to find a good C like Avila when he got hurt).... Going into the season I added Melky for Rios... I got Lester with only 3 DL's days left for A.Jones and Garza

      • **That trade with Dunn and Sizemore I got Davis and Ryan Howard,


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