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  • John John Aug 3, 2011 9:32 AM Flag

    RP vs SP Question

    Is having SP in a RP role a bad idea or should I have closers in those spots? Currently I have Ogando and Worley in those spots and I'm think about dropping Feliz for another SP.

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    • Depends on the league settings. If you're in roto, having no relievers is a death sentence. If you're in roto with low IP limits, it's even worse because you'll hit the wall pretty quick and your competition will catch up very fast. If you're in H2H, you can punt saves and maximize your return in wins and K's, and hope you do ok with the ratios.

      Same goes for the opposite strategy, where you go with relievers with SP eligibility, although there in H2H leagues, you're hoping to net saves and the ratios, while trying to hold your own in K's and punting wins.

      The first case is easier to do, the second not so much.

    • I see it as a waste to have a SP in a RP spot. There is the possibility of a RP pitching any given day. A SP will only pitch every 5th day on average. Assuming you have SP spots on your roster, you can put your active SPs in those spots, and leave RPs in the RP spots, thereby maximizing your chance to have your pitchers register stats for you.

      I also like to look for middle relievers/closers with SP eligibility and leave them in a SP spot if I dont have enough SPs going on an given day to fill each SP roster spot....again, maximize the opportunity to get stats.


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