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  • Scott Scott Jul 30, 2011 10:40 PM Flag

    Your Worst Drop of the Year?

    I dropped I.Kennedy really early in the season and he has turned it around and swisher in another, i regret both of those drops

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    • There's a few that I regret.

      -I dropped Hellickson in early May when he was struggling, like many others did. (for Bud Norris)

      -During the Cardinal closer crisis, I added Salas as speculation. Salas never got any save opps so I dropped him. Lo and behold, a week later he latches on and has been awesome. (for Melancon)

      -I don't remember why, but I dropped Carpenter in one league (roto). I think it might have been when he wasn't getting W's, and I didn't like his K numbers or something. I'm still in first there, so it's not so much I regret it, but I'm kind of perplexed that I actually did it. (for Izturis, even)

      -I dropped Axford in that same roto league. I think I was over-stocked with Saves (have Street, Kimbrel, Walden, still holding 12 pts. in saves), so a closer was expendable at that time (for Hosmer)

      -Dropped Alex Gordon for Domonic Brown. Backfire.

      -Dropped Adam Jones. No idea why.

      -Not acting on Zobrist and Ellsbury pre-season has got to qualify. Even if I didn't drop them, I didn't try and claim them. I let Zobrist go thinking Nishioka was going to be the sleeper SS pick of my draft, and I didn't claim Ellsbury because I thought it would be SB overkill with Rajai Davis. Oops!

      Worst trade:

      A trade in May(?) in a roto league. I didn't need much help in my P cats, but I was looking for a boost. I did have a substantial lead in all hitting cats, so parts were available. So I traded a cooled-off Bautista, a freshly-DL-returned slumping Longoria, and a then-season slumping McCutchen for Josh Johnson, Youkilis, Berkman, and Rasmus.

      But wait! There's more! I realized afterwards I had traded my main SB threat away, so I flipped Berkman (and Butler) for.. BJ Upton! And Figgins!

      Two weeks later, Bautista goes on another tear, McCutchen quickly turns into Superman, and JJ is out for the season. Berkman somehow has kept producing. Meanwhile Rasmus, Upton (plus Chris Young!) have all turned into pumpkins. Then there's Figgins.

      I even remember looking at that trade offer and thinking initially "Holy injury risk, batman!" But I accepted anyways. WHY? WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN TO ME?

      Now I'm in 5th, still slowly falling, no shot in hell to win. Even 3rd place seems out of reach. I might be able to crawl back to 4th, if I'm lucky.

    • anibal sanches after 2 weeks

    • David Ortiz when he was batting .260

    • Berkman after 2 weeks.
      How about worst draft picks? Dunn, Crawford, Oswalt, Jeter, Roberts, Alvarez, Buchholz, Webb... My entire team basically. The list goes on & on.

    • i dropped mike morse, i had picked him up before the season then when he struggled the 1st week, i dropped him

    • Joyce before he went on a tear. Got info bad info on him only playing against lefties and dropped him for a spot start, and never got it back. Then he hit about .600 for 2 months and murdered every pitcher and pitch he saw. Made up for it because the same guy dropped Morse for him and I picked him up.

    • Gallardo

    • Ive dropped so many good players this year. Adam Lind while he slumped hard to start the year.. Ogando when the yanks first blew him.. vogelsong by accident when i meant to drop dempster.. Venters early in the year.. and LoMo and swisher before heating up.. Granted my Offense is still best in my league some bad drops none the less.

    • Vogelsong while streaming, Morse after the first week of the season, and Gaby Sanchez (right around the time when Beltran hit 3HR - bc I added beltran for him lol)

    • Beltran!!

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