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  • Porky Porky Jul 29, 2011 2:17 PM Flag

    This BS trade just got accepted in my league

    Is it a keeper league?

    Therefore the guy getting Roy could be playing for next year, and might honestly like Roy more than Jared? Just because someone does well for a year or so doesn't mean anyone has to value them.

    I hated Jason Werth for years and would never touch him. It looks like 2 years ago I was wrong but today I'm looking pretty dang smart for it...

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    • No is not a keeper league and weaver has been the best pitcher this year so that cancels that out...

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      • Ok, thanks. Weaver being better this year doesn't cancel it out. I know many people, FBL experts included, that would still take Roy over Jared everyday of the week. Saying the Weaver is a better pitcher because of one year of stats, I don't agree with. That's like someone coming up to me and saying Vance Worley is worth more than Roy...

        Since it's not a keeper tho, it cancels it out. Since the team in 8th can not say he is playing for next year.

        I hear your worries tho. Personally, I wouldn't veto it but the leagues I am part of are pretty linent on trades. You'd be surprised at the number of trades that go through that people immediately think "collusion!" only to realize a month later that it was exactly what both teams needed. I understand this doesn't sound like the case here.

        I think you do have a good reason to veto it. Or at least see if the 2nd place team can throw someone else in instead of Hafner.


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