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  • Naptito Aka Yung Colangelo Naptito Aka Yung Colangelo Jul 27, 2011 4:28 PM Flag

    MY Thoughts about some of you

    haha yee ur right. I'm no baseball fan. Dis is my first year doing baseball fantasy. Which im startin to enjoy. Since i have gotten da first taste of fantasy basketball last year. I cant give any sort of advices to anyone but just ask questions and learn from what you all say. I do not like to start fights online or in real life or argue. But da msg board here is way worse than basketball. There is only one person here dat i know that kills it for everyone. Yes sum people are wrong and give bad advices, but thats part of the game that no one cud really predict. But the one person who is really a big a hole which I do not wanna get into a "internet fight" with. so i wont be mentioning his name and plus he will just say I have bad grammar skills just like he does to everyone after they prove that he is a jackass cuz he has nuthin else better to say


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