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  • Alex Alex Jul 22, 2011 10:15 AM Flag

    Anyone else do this?

    When starting one of your pitchers, bench any hitters on the opposing team as a sign of good faith? I'm not talking about just the ace pitchers, but even your borderline starters. For instance, tonight Colby Lewis is facing off against Toronto at Arlington, so Yunel Escobar, Travis Snider, and Edwin Encarnacion will all be benched. Any other Lewis owners feeling confident about his start tonight?

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    • God i wish you were in my comp.....

    • please make this post go away

    • I don't see how people are calling your strategy "stupid". I understand what you mean...I would tend to sit someone who was up against Halladay, Weaver or Verlander (etc.), but I tend to bench players based on whether they're up against a LHP or what ball park they're in. I never play anyone when they're playing in Petco Park.

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      • Indeed, I see it mostly as smart planning. Perhaps my initial post wasn't quite right; I said "all" batters on the opposing team, but I'd probably play my stud hitters regardless - ie. a McCutchen, Bautista, etc. However, I'm not entirely sure what all the criticism is about, my tactic doesn't seem to be that farfetched.

    • Well if my batters were guaranteed to hit against nobody but my SP, then I'd consider it.

      But as long as teams have relief pitchers who pitch in 150+ games per year, I'm gonna keep my position players on the field.

    • Interesting. This is one of the few times I disagree with Truth. I agree that you play your stars regardless of who is pitching. However - if I have two guys that I rotate at a certain position I will play the one NOT facing my own pitcher. It's not even a tough decision for me. I want to root for my hitter. If he is facing my pitcher I want him to strikeout. Why would I play a guy and then root like hell for him to fail? If he gets a homerun I'm pissed that I lost it but I'd be pissed that my pitcher gave it up anyway. Guess I go for the all or nothing theory here. lol

    • Let's see, final stats for tonight:

      Colby Lewis: 6.2 IP, W, 2 BB, 5 K, 1 ER

      Escobar: 0/4, 1 K
      Snider: 0/4, 2 K
      Encarnacion: 0/4, 2 K

      Looks like I was right! A particular shoutout to the ever-unhelpful Dick Strong: I drafted Escobar in the 18th round of my draft, and according to my team log, he has provided me with a .296 AVG, 47 runs, 9 homers, 33 RBI, and 3 SB for good measure - pretty damn good value, I'd say. A-Cab, sadly, went just a few picks before I grabbed Escobar. I picked up Snider after his two double game following his return to the bigs. Oh, and Encarnacion was a quick pickup yesterday, just getting the hot bat du jour on my team - as someone else astutely pointed out, he does indeed happen to be one of the hottest hitters around right this moment.

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      • Um...Skippy...it looks like you have 3 useless TOR players.

        Escobar: 0/4, 1 K
        Snider: 0/4, 2 K
        Encarnacion: 0/4, 2 K

        I own Lewis too. I got the win...lowered my weekly ERA to 3.15...and my team batted .421 today (with 9 R, 1 HR, and 10 RBI...and with Gaby Sanchez and Martin Prado and their HRs on the bench).

        But yeah...I see your point. You have weak hitters and a weak team so you have to bench your unholy trinity of crappy TOR players.

        Yup...you're a dumbass.

      • So it worked for you tonight. BFD. that strategy will bite you in the ass more than it works.

        BTW even though you didn't start them Dick Strong was right about your 3 Blue Jays. He said they all shouldn't be owned on the same team and they went 0-12 and 5 K tonight. You proved his point more than you disproved it.

    • truthfully, even if one of my aces is starting, i would still keep those guys out there. I mean its not like he's gonna get a no hitter every time he goes out there. Guys give up hits. I don't think it shows lack of faith buy keeping opposing batters in your starting lineup.

    • faith? for faith, you should sacrifice a chicken.

    • I do it from time to time.

      As far as strategy goes...it makes no sense...but as far as feeling good goes...it makes a lot of sense. You know...like taking your cousin to the prom. (okay...maybe you don't know)

      Anyway, I rarely sit star players regardless of the matchup (whether facing Halladay or one of my pitchers...Jose Reyes and other stars will always be starting). However, I have swapped out Prado for Zobrist (and vice versa) when one might be facing a certain pitcher that I own. I don't do it often or regularly...but sometimes I get a wild hair and make preemptive benching.

      That being said, as a Colby Lewis owner...I am starting him tonight with no reservations. Of course, I don't own any Blue Jays. (Why the hell do you own any of those listed in your unholy trinity of Blue Jays players? You must be in a DEEP league if you found 3 Blue Jays players worhty of rostering on the same fantasy baseball team.)

    • I would love to see Dick Strong comment on this one.

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