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  • aj95 aj95 Jul 9, 2011 11:39 PM Flag

    Do i sit my entire lineup tommorow?

    Runs +14
    HR +6
    RBI +15
    SB -4
    BA (.335ME///.310HIM)

    If i sit my entire lineup (obviously foregoing any opportunity at SB) i would pretty much make it impossible for him to catch up with any of those cats. i figure he would need to bat about .600 with some serious power to overtake my .335/.975, right?

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    • The numbers can all be caught if you sit, although it wouldn't be easy. I personally believe in playing the game. Chances are a fewof your star players will be sitting anyway, as will your opponent's. play the game. Be a Man :)

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      • forget being a man, i want to be a winner. the way i see it, his odds at catching me in R, RBI, and HRs, assuming i bench my team, is pretty damn hard... id say... 8% (completely arbitrary). The odds at him catching my %s (BA and OPS) are also pretty low if i sit my team. However, if i play my team, i can almost count on my daily averages being below .335 and .975, reducing my weekly averages and thus, making it easier for him to catch up to those cats.

    • You need to take a look at stat tracker and view the weekly Hits/ABs for both teams. Then determine how lousy your team would have to hit to lose a .025 lead in BA and a .075 lead in OPS. Assume that your opponents team will either hit .310/.900 (their current weekly pace) or .335/.975 (your current weekly pace).

      If you calculate that your team could bomb (4/40 with 4 singles) and you still win the categories in which you hold a lead...start your entire team. Otherwise...consider only starting your .300+ hitters and/or base stealers (guys with 8 or more SBs thus far this season).

      Personally...I would probably start all my hitters anyway. Hitters going 0fer and having an off day doesn't hurt you like a pitcher having an off day and getting "Mazzaro'd" (or Bumgarner'd).

    • is this really that bad of an idea? ive never done it before, but it seems like an okay move for this week... anyone?

    • Simple: No..never do that..pitching you can get away with it but his team could have a monster day tomorrow and beat you

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      • a 14 Run 6 HR 15 RBI day would be nearly impossible. a much better possibility would be my team meeting his team in the middle and me losing BA or OPS. btw his team only has 20 r 6 hr and 23 rbi, thus he'd basically have to do what in 1 day, what his entire team has done in 6 days.


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