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  • Craigory P Craigory P Jul 7, 2011 6:22 PM Flag

    Figuring Out Greinke

    What's his deal? 11 k/9 and less than 2 BB/9, so what's with the high ERA? Is it bad luck? How can someone dominate and suck at the same time? Hmm? Hmm? Hmm?

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    • Jeter is a career .312 hitter with 118 R and 16 HR per 162 games as a shortstop. Apparently that is lousy.

    • Actually Jeter, Tejada, and Ivan Rodriguez have lousy 162 game averages. Apparently you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

      Huff had similar numbers to Konerko last season and he has similar numbers to Konerko for his career. I suggest you use the forum search tools to look up Huff and Konerko. I posted their 162 game averages.

      Later, dumbass. I have better things to do this evening.

    • Why does what Greinke did 6 years ago have anything to do with now?

    • Yes. I do think Jose Bautista sucks. Why would I want Brady Anderson 2.0?

      Greinke's last 4 years? Um...again, dumbass...ENTIRE CAREER...162 GAME AVERAGES! When you look at the entire picture you remove the wide variance caused by atypical seasons. As such, when you view the ENTIRE CAREER(S) of Bautista and Greinke the message received is STAY AWAY.

      Really...are you this fucking dense?

    • I don't give a fuck what their 162 game averages are. I care about how good they are now. Konerko is good, Huff sucks. IT doesn't matter that he was good 5 years ago. Tejada, Jeter and Ivan Rodriguez have pretty good 162 game averages too. Doesn't make them better players right now than Jose Bautista or Michael Morse.

    • I suppose you think Jose Bautista sucks then since his 162 game averages are bad.

      Coming into this year, for the last 4 seasons, Greinke had an ERA of 3.32. That's not too bad. I say his ERA the rest of the way is much closer to that than 5.66.

      You must finish last in your league every year always looking at the past.

    • Clearly you are an idiot. I suggest you quit using xFIP, BABIP, and other bullshit stats. Get off of Fangraphs, go to Baseball Reference, and view the 162 game averages of Konerko and Huff.

    • Ok, go ahead and use Greinke's career HR/FB instead of 10.6. His career average is 8.8, so it would actually LOWER his xFIP.

      xFIP predicts ERA better than ERA predicts ERA. This has been proven with years and years of data. For a good example, see James Shields or Dan Haren from last year.

      Once again I ask: do you really think Greinke's true ability level is a 5.66 ERA?

    • I primarily use 162 game averages to evaluate players.

      This takes into account their entire careers and then metes out their career numbers in all areas an pares it down to a single season (or 162 games). This is takes completely objective empirical numerical data and does not try and shoe horn it into some bullshit contrived metric.

      Looking at Greinke's 162 game averages you get a wholly lousy pitcher who can certainly be expected to continue with his ineptitude.

      Any more questions, dumbass? (I will be off here for the night in 10 minutes)

    • There you go! A fake formula that predicts ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

      The xFIP formula predicts xFIP, not ERA. They are two completely different things. The fact that xFIP uses the league average HR/FB rate and not the specific pitcher's career HR/FB rate is it's primary flaw. The secondary flaw is that it uses several completely objective stats that are compiled from actual onfield performance and tries to qualify and quantify them into one completely subjective ratio.

      Again, dumbass...this is using false logic to come up with a contrived ratio that proves ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      Your serve, dumbass.

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