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  • DAHVINMAN DAHVINMAN Jul 3, 2011 5:12 PM Flag

    Schmidt vs Brett

    Mike Scmidt

    18 Years 2,404 8,352 1,506 2,234 408 59 548 7 1,595 1,507 201 1,883 16 108 79 156 .267 .380 .527

    George Brett

    21 Years 2,707 10,349 1,583 3,154 665 137 317 2 1,595 1,096 229 908 26 120 33 235 .305 .369 .487

    You decide

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    • MVP Awards are given on a completely subjective basis. They are not EARNED.

      Try again, Skippy.

    • when did schmidt hit 390 or have 40 stolen bases? ....Brett played in a canyon, that ballpark was not designed for a power hitter.
      Not to mention, the N.L. east sucked when Schmidt played...exactly who was good? Not the Mets, not the Braves...Pirates were good in 1980 and that was it.
      I think by 1980 the Royals had been around for 6 years and were already dominating...if it were not for the Yankees, George Brett's Royals would have 3 rings

    • Spit on Cliff Lee's Wife. Plug in a cheapo....

      You decide, stupid-ass yankee fans. Always next year.
      Yankees as a team are good. "Fans" are freakin' turrible. :-(

    • Correction, I was a better player than both of these guys. I am Dick Strong Damn It.

      Chocoluv drops the mic

    • How would you evaluate it given the stats that I posted? I'm just curious.

    • Um...the sports writers that cast the Hall of Fame votes think that George Brett (98.2%) is more deserving of Hall of Fame enshrinement than Mike Schmidt (96.5%).

      YOU LOSE!!!

      Again...George Brett > Mike Schmidt.

      Game, set, and match...Skippy.

    • A few things to consider:

      Career OPS and OPS+:
      Brett: .857/135
      Schmidt: .908/147

      That 12 difference in OPS+ is fairly substantial. The difference between Miguel Cabrera and Ryan Howard for their careers is only 9, for example.

      Career WAR (Wins above replacement player):
      Brett: 85
      Schmidt: 108.3

      So Schmidt was worth a little more than 23 more wins over the course of his career than Brett was. Again, to put it in perspective, a WAR of 8 in a single year is considered MVP numbers, so 23 more wins is roughly equivalent to 3 seasons worth of MVP level WAR that Schmidt has over Brett, and he did it in a career that was 3 years shorter.

      I think I might have to give the nod, at least offensively, to Mike Schmidt.

      • 2 Replies to Matt U
      • First off I would like to congratulate you on being a well read idiot that uses contrived metrics to make invalid statistical analyses.

        OPS is nothing more than a contrived stat. Any time you have to meld two statistical categories together to come up with one "useful" metric you probably have some contrived ratio of your own devise. This is the case with OPS (on base plus slugging). Basically, all it does is say...hey...you walked a lot and hit a lot of HRs. This is great for you when comparing Brett and Schmidt because BB and HR are the ONLY areas where Schmidt is better than Brett. Hell...if you use OPS (or the even worse OPS+) then Jim Thome looks really good when compared to Tony Gwynn.

        Similarly, WAR (wins above replacement) is another bullshit contrived metric where one attempts to combine multiple real life tangible performance numbers to arrive as some quasi-quantified intangible performance metric. It is clunky, fake, and doesn't work.

        That being said...you have reduced your analysis down to two categories (HR and BB). As such, you have ignored the entire picture. Here is the entire picture:

        George Brett:
        21 seasons
        2707 games played
        BA - .305
        H - 3154
        R - 1583
        HR - 317
        2B - 665
        3B - 137
        RBI - 1596
        SB - 201
        BB - 1096 (229 IBB...more intentional walks than Schmidt...as such, he was a more feared hitter than Schmidt by his contemporaries)

        Overall Fielding Percentage: .970
        Fielding percentage at 3B: .951
        Fielding percentage at SS: .958
        Fielding percentage at 1B: .993
        Fielding percentage at OF: 1.00

        Elected to Hall of Fame on 98.2% of ballots. (read: those that know the true value of a player value him higher than Schmidt too)

        George Brett 162 game averages:

        .305 BA, 95 R, 40 2B, 8 3B, 19 HR, 96 RBI, 12 SB


        Mike Schmidt:

        18 seasons
        2404 games played
        BA - .267 (that lousy BA gets you into the Hall of Fame? Really?)
        H - 2234
        R - 1506
        HR - 548
        2B - 408
        3B - 59
        RBI - 1595
        SB - 174
        BB - 1507 (201 IBB...fewer than Brett...read: less feared bat by pitchers)

        Overall Fielding Percentage: .961
        Fielding percentage at 3B: .955
        Fielding percentage at SS: .957
        Fielding percentage at 1B: .992
        Fielding percentage at 2B: .875

        Elected to the Hall of Fame on 96.5% of ballots (read: less than that of Brett)

        Mike Schmidt 162 game averages:

        .267 BA, 101 R, 27 2B, 4 3B, 37 HR, 107 RBI, 12 SB


      • Definitely. His numbers on paper look superior to Bret's. I'll give GB greatest tirade but that's it.

    • Bahaha..these are the sport writers that cast HOF votes. They know the business. You lose.

    • Your lists mean nothing.

      George Brett is better than Mike Schmidt. George Brett is a better hitter, better runner, better base stealer, better defensively, and a better teammate.

      Gold Gloves are still AWARDED and not EARNED. Gold Gloves, Cy Youngs, and All-Star Game appearances mean nothing. They are all AWARDED and NOT EARNED. The only things that are concrete are their actual playing numbers. George Brett is vastly superior to Mike Schmidt.

      Now flush the sand from your pussy and move on with your life.

    • ANDDD the last link on the page put together 10 or whatever websites to see who was 1. Schmidt was easily number 1 on all or most. Game, Set, Match Dick

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