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  • John John Jun 28, 2011 4:03 PM Flag

    Need 2B Help ... Who do I take?

    Danny Espinosa
    Jemile Weeks
    Ty Wiggington

    Need a 2B R.O.S.

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    • I currently have Espinosa and Wigginton on a team. If it was between the three i would keep Espinosa. As someone said Weeks will get you SBs and possibly more Rs because of it but not much else.

    • i'll trot out the ol' "depends what you need" line.

      i think espinosa is the most known of these quantities - the avg won't get very high (but if this kid can develop and improve his line drive rate, he's going to be a MONSTER), but there's no reason to think he won't keep up the hr/rbi/sb paces all season.

      i've been trying to rationalize adding weeks for a few days now. he's clearly got some avg/sb upside and would probably be a fun experiment. but for ROS, i think we can count on a certain amount of valuable production from espinosa.

      to daddy's point - ackley is the very guy who i've been itching to drop for weeks. seems like he could be helpful for avg/obp, but i don't know where else he makes a real impact this season.

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      • Actually, every player you mentioned is available in my 10 Team H2H league. My offense is sputtering lately and I need at least 15+ a week from the 2B position. I figure SB and HR will cancel each other out between Weeks and Espinosa. I just dropped Espinosa for Wiggington, but I think I screwed up because I really wanted Weeks. Gotta stop chasing the "hot" bat!


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