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  • Aaron Aaron Jun 11, 2011 5:03 PM Flag

    Please scrutinize this team

    10 team H2H. Roster:
    C- V-Mart
    1B- Hosmer
    2B- Kinsler
    3B- Young
    SS- Tulo
    OF- Kemp
    OF- Braun
    OF- Justin Upton
    Util- Walker
    Util- Ichiro
    BN- Aybar, Allen Craig, Trumbo
    DL- Sandoval

    SP- Lee, Hamels, Ubaldo, Jamie Garcia, Josh Johnson (DL), Latos, and Bedard
    RP- Marmol, Nunez, Hanrahan

    Not crazy about my corner infielders. I'd like to package Garcia and Michael Young for a major upgrade at 1B or 3B. Is that enough for Konerko? Should I target someone better? Additionally, please point out any areas I should improve.

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    • pretty solid team. definately could use some more power/rbi's and i think 1b is the place to do this. i'd try to package hosmer and one of your stud SP (you have many) for a TOP 1b. if you can do this you should be good to go the for the season...injuries aside

    • If you can pick up Freeman, than forget about Konerko.

      There's always a couple managers who romanticize Ichiro and Bedard, so try pawning them off on someone whose stacked at 1B. Forget about 3B, other than A.Rod and Beltre and Bautista, it's been the weakest position this year. Young gives you something every single game that helps you with R, AVG or RBI.

      Maybe you can do a Latos for Votto kind of deal.

      It's a well-balanced attack on that team, but I say give up Ichiro and Bedard for a Konerko type if you can first.

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      • Once Panda returns, he can occupy the 3B slot so that could counteract the lack of depth around the league at 3B. I would like to package Young and a SP for a 1B, like I mentioned previously.

        Is Young, Johnson, and Upton too much for Hellickson and A-Gon? Or maybe Young and Johnson for Miggy?

        Freeman is a FA but as Dick pointed out, I am still using a rookie 1B at one of the deeper positions.

    • You have done something very wrong if your 1B options in a 10 team leaguer are Hosmer and Trumbo. How can you mismanage a roster so badly that your only options at a very deep position are a couple of rookies?

      Sell off one of your OF assets to upgrade at 1B. I would do a 1B/OF swap. Basically trade a stud OF (Kemp or Braun + 1B) for a stud 1B+OF. It would be a 2-for-2 deal where you downgrade an OF position an upgrade at 1B. Similarly your trade partner would downgrade at 1B and upgrade his OF. I suggest pairing one of your studs with Trumbo

      Your bench sucks and Ichiro should not be owned in a 10 team league. Dump (or trade) Ichiro and get a decent 5 category producer. Gut your entire bench except Craig. Pick up two useful players...one of whom should be a multi-position eligible player with one of those eligible positions being SS.

      Your pitching looks fine...other than Latos. Dump him...and get a SP with solid ratios that is the 4th or 5th starter on a team that is one pace to win 90+ games this season.

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      • Also, do you think Ichiro will turn it around given his past and resume? I understand completely his numbers are very subpar, but it is hard to imagine him not being around .300 come years end, in my opinion.

      • I have been actively trying to trade an OF for 1B or make a package deal. No luck yet.

        I had Hanley before trading him for Tulo so Aybar was just a temporary replacement to stay afloat at SS. He is going to be dropped soon. Pagan will be one add but am uncertain who the multi-position player will be yet.

        Latos was a spot start for yesterday. Out of Humber, Karstens, Gee, Vogelsong, or Leake, which is the best option as that 4th or 5th starter to replace Latos?


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