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  • Jay Jay Jun 11, 2011 4:38 PM Flag

    Vetoable trade?

    Hey guys, I'm the commish in my leauge and a trade went through that got one guy upset. I'm trying to figure out what I should do. Here is the trade

    Team A got:
    Brandon Phillips
    Shane Victorino
    Mat Latos

    Team B got:
    Adam Dunn
    Elvis Andrus
    Tori Hunter
    Jordan Walden
    Jeremey Hellickson

    Just a couple factors to take into account. Player B, who got Dunn, has been aggressively trying to get Dunn since the beginning of the year and has advocated all year that he will break out of his slump.

    Player B also has Prince Fielder which apparently made it easier for him to part with Pujols

    Player B literally has been picking up and dropping SS all year as he has absolutly no SS worth owning.

    Player B also has Kelly Johnson and Dan Uggla at 2nd.

    Player B has Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp at OF.

    Player B desperatly wanted another solid SP.

    And I guess the most important thing is that player B was willing to make the move and he did, the trade went though, didnt get vetoed, and now one manager is all up in arms about it.

    As commish, I hate to see one of my leauges get like this, and I am never one to veto if I know the trade is made without collusion.

    What are your thoughts? What should I do, if anything?

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