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  • Yanks Yanks Jun 10, 2011 7:15 AM Flag

    Dick Strong-Mike Aviles

    Still have all this love for Mike Aviles? I doubt he produces any stats for fantasy in the minors. You were pushing this guy very hard about a month ago. LOL

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    • I wouldn't touch Teixiera. He has an over inflated "value" in the minds of blind fools like you. For the price one has to pay for Teixiera they can get both Gaby Sanchez and Ben Zobrist and have TWO TOP 11 1Bs FOR THE PRICE OF 1 TOP 10 1B.

      Sorry...Teixiera is only good in the eyes of those that aren't value conscious. Hell...if Teixiera is so good...and people drafted him in the 2nd and 3rd rounds...how come I can get comparable production to Teixiera from Gaby Sanchez and Ben Zobrst and draft both of them 5-10 rounds later?

      (I eagerly await your response.)


      Yup...you're a dumbass.

    • Howard's average isn't good...nor is his "contact profile" that is why I don't own him (and never would).

      I value Victorino over Granderson.
      I value A-Rod over Rollins. (if only A-Rod stole some bases)
      I value Utley over Cano. (sorry Robby...no wheels)
      I don't give a crap about Teixiera or Howard. There are many 1B that I would own before both.

      MVP is an argument (not a very good one since MVP awards are given on a completely subjective basis). That being said...MVP awards are generally the consensus of the population that watches/views a certain sport. As such, it is the consensus that the Phillies' pieces of the pie are greater than the Yankees pieces of the pie when you view their 3 or 4 cornerstones.

      I drafted Votto, Sanchez, and Zobrist this year. I have no need of Teixiera and I am sure that some dumbass (like you) will overpay for his services and that Sanchez and Zobrist will still be available. Really...are you this dense all the time? (must be muggy in New York today)

      I don't have to play in multiple leagues to be effective. Hell...I am in 1st place (in my only league) and I don't own Teixiera. How's that?

      Your serve, dumbass.

    • Are you blind dude...I clearly say above I would take Pujols & Votto ahead of him...there must be a reason why...c'mon now....better avg. & SBs....but those are super elite. Tex is a top 10 1B....

      Besides Jose Bautista)whose team won't win as many games as Red Sox) which other players can win it?

    • How great is Howard's average dumbass? Or Rollins? His average has dropped steadily over the years. The Phillies quartet will never be as healthy as the Yankee 4 so it may be a moot point anyway, skippy.

      Granderson is better than Victorino.
      A-Rod is wayyy better than Rollins.
      Cano is best 2B in baseball so scratches out Utley.
      Tex may be slightly worse than Howard, give ya that.

      MVP's...I never mentioned a MVP argument with the Yankees...so what does MVP's spread out amongst certain players compared to one player having the same amount or more??
      Granderson more rbi's than Cameron cause of home venue & lineup strength....

      So next year if all your fave 1B are taken & Tex, Sanchez & Zobrist are available....your not taking Tex?
      BTW yes they may be ranked higher than him now...well, he is a big time 2nd half player every1 knows this. His average has gone down which is a problem...but 1B is a position of power....SBs are bonus....Votto, Pujols, etc...

      I have Tex on 2 out of 5 teams & in 2nd & 3rd place respectively. So yeah you can be competitive with a "3 tool player."

      I'm done, skippy, ciao!

    • The American league has slim pickins' for MVP candidates this season. If it were back to the old days when there was one MVP for all of Major League Baseball...Gonzalez would be in contention...but he wouldn't win it.

      That being said...he probably won't be the AL MVP this season either.

      Pujols and Votto steal bases...again...a few of the many 1Bs that I would take over Gonzalez. (again...you aren't really big on filling all the buckets in the fantasy game are you?)

    • Granderson is a 4 tool player. He doesn't hit for average. He is a new age Mike Cameron. Sorry, Skippy.

      Moving on.

      Teixiera...no average...no SBs. Gaby Sanchez is a top 10 1B in the fantasy game and he is one of the dozen that I would take over Teixiera. Similarly, Ben Zobrist is the 11th ranked 1B in the fantasy game and he steals bases. I would take him over Teixiera too. Apparently you aren't big on "fililng all the buckets" when it comes to playing fantasy baseball. A 3 tool player ain't gettin' the job done.

      I would take Utley, Rollins, Howard and Victorino over that Yankees crew. (apparently most baseball knowledgeable folks would too...after all...that group has more league MVP awards distributed to different players in their group...the Yankees crew has all their MVP awards held by one player)

      Try again, Skippy.

    • Gonzalez barring injury WILL win MVP this year & will be in contention every year of his contract.

      You have to look @ Gonzo as a Red Sox not as a Padre. In SD his stats were muted cause of the absolutely weak hitting lineups & huge ballpark.
      This 1st half is just showing the potential Adrian always exhibited.
      Votto, Pujols, & maybe Miggy I would take over him. Miggy's off field issues are bound to come back to haunt him(alcohol, weight issues.)

      I truly dislike Pedroia & he is more valuable in real life baseball than fantasy BUT he has won an MVP. Not too long ago in fact so he still a part of the upper tier of 2B...especially compared to the weak crop this year.

    • the little guy doesnt know much about baseball

      he was trying to say that the phillies have a terrible lineup without rollins and utley in it one day

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      • Terrible? No. Average? Yes.

        Take away two all-star/MVP caliber middle infielders from any roster and it quickly becomes average.

        Are you telling me that there aren't 30 teams in baseball with two players that can produce what Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino can? I believe that nearly every team has 2 good hitters. How many have 4 or 5? The Rangers and the Phillies (when all are healthy). Beyond that...nearly every team has 2.

        Surely you aren't stupid enough to suggest that Raul Ibanez, Placido Polanco, and/or Ben Francisco are studs?

        *Flips quarter to dumbass in Chicago.*

        "Here, boy...go buy a clue."

    • You're quite a bit slow. I dropped him in my league for Allen Craig two weeks ago.

      I know this fantasy baseball thing moves too fast for you. I guess you get attached to players and can't seem to find the tipping point to when they have outrun their usefulness. Go ahead...check my league...look at the transactions.