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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong Jun 9, 2011 2:52 PM Flag

    Three trade options...

    ...tell me which one you think is most likely to get accepted (if any).

    Tell me if any of them are doable:

    Option #1:

    I give: Pineda and Crisp
    I get: Hudson and Ellsbury

    Option #2:

    I give: Pineda and Crisp
    I get: Kennedy and Ellsbury

    Option #3:

    I give: Pineda, Crisp, and Craig
    I get: Haren and Ellsbury

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    • Exactly Adam Lind is has the ability to bat hit behind him...what if it was like Encarnacion behind him...no one really made the giants pay when they walked Bonds...Kent did one year thats it.Bonds never had plenty of help...he made those guys better

    • Maybe #2 but I doubt it. Crisp has been hurt off and on all year and has missed a bunch of games. Thats going to hurt his limited value (R/SB) alot.

    • It didn't make a difference. All those national league managers didn't make the world series because Bonds still beat the snot out of them.

      Bonds had plenty of help, in front, and behind...but you cannot win a championship with just one player. Everybody has to contribute on a consistent basis...but pitching around one player doesn't help that.

      Case and point...last night with 1st base open...Bautista was intentionally walked to load the bases. Adam Lind followed him and hit a grand slam.

      Yup...you're a dumbass.

    • 5 HRs makes no difference in the entire makeup of my fantasy baseball team (or anybody that has built a decent team).

      Abbreviating trades is stupid. That causes you to be shortsighted and means that you are not looking at the entire trade. That, in turn...makes you a dumbass. Why would you not view the entire trade? Do you know how stupid that is?

      Again...Crisp is not Ellsbury...but there is not a chasm so deep between them that adding a player to both sides of the deal can't cross it. That is why YOUR IGNORANCE in "abbreviating a trade" makes you a dumbass.

      Your serve, Skippy.

    • yes it did make a difference that why all the managers did it and he has the record for walks. they never won a Series and think how many homeruns he would have had if he had a good player behind hime where he didnt get walked

    • Again...you are a dumbass.

      You remind me of Barney Fife...pitched a no hitter...and lost.

      Go ahead...walk everybody!

      Sorry Skippy...you can't walk everybody and you can't walk one batter every time they come to the plate. Did walking/pitching around Barry Bonds work?

      Again...you are a dumbass.

    • why let Pujols kill you when he doesnt have help to back him up...

    • LMAO!!!

      Yup...you're a dumbass.

    • he would be because hed get all sliders in the dirt wit me..

    • Team lineup has very little to do with individual production. Pujols would still be Pujols no matter who hits around him. Similarly, all lead off hitters get on base with 3 guys behind them, each of whom has about a 1/4 chance of knocking them in. However, if they steal bases at a clip like Ellsbury and Crisp do then whoever is behind them is negligible because they will already be standing on 2nd (or 3rd).

      Please...tell me more about how Albert Pujols would be devalued hitting in the SEA lineup.



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