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  • Naboz Naboz Jun 2, 2011 7:35 PM Flag

    Dick Strong...resident guru

    10 team 6x6 (OPS and SO) h2h.

    1) i wanna pick up a. craig. im lacking in OPS, AVG and R. Im thinking of dropping either wieters or y. molina to pick him up...which one?

    2) i have kendrick and garza comin off the DL soon. who would you drop to activate them?

    3) should i trade to try to get some more saves now that soria is out? who should i shop? who should i target?

    ...right now i view my most expendable guys as morrison and baker. im hesitent to move desmond considering hanleys health and dont wanna give up pierre bc of steal potential. what do you think?

    C Yadier Molina
    1B Albert Pujols
    2B Kelly Johnson
    3B Martín Prado
    SS Ian Desmond
    OF Jay Bruce
    OF Alex Gordon
    OF Jayson Werth
    Util Juan Pierre
    Util Coco Crisp
    SP Roy Halladay
    SP Scott Baker
    SP Colby Lewis
    RP Joakim Soria
    RP Heath Bell
    P Max Scherzer
    P Brett Anderson
    P Sergio Santos
    P Hiroki Kuroda
    BN Logan Morrison
    BN Adam Dunn
    BN Hanley Ramírez
    BN Adam Jones
    BN Matt Wieters
    BN Justin Verlander
    BN Dan Haren
    DL Matt Garza
    DL Howie Kendrick

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    • Hey Dick - did you see where Carlos just stole second off Dave Bush? He may be starting to have fun again.

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      • Carlos is certainly having fun. He clearly has a very high baseball IQ. He approaches every AB as a thinking situation and he does the same thing on the basepaths. He is like Yadier Molina with better offensive abilities. Molina and Santana prove that anybody can steal 10 bases a season in MLB if they look for the right opportunities. There are many, many, many reasons why I have Santana and why I have stayed with him this season.

    • First, I typically do not respond to threads that ask for an "expert" or "guru". I have never referred to myself as an "expert" or "guru" although others have. I do not encourage such behavior. However, I DO typically respond to those that ask for me by name. (unless that person is a dumbass that ignored my information in a previous post and then asks for help later...Murr)

      Now...on to your situation...

      1) Juan Pierre isn't doing you any favors. Yes...he will steal bases, give you runs (where you are hurting) and give you a decent average. But he will not help in OPS (he has no S). If you want Allen Craig. Drop Pierre...you already have Coco Crisp that is a much more rounded ball player than Pierre.

      2) Morrison is not expendable. You cannot afford to drop a #3 hitter on a MLB roster that is batting over .300. Adam Dunn is expendable. Yes...he walks a lot...but with his lousy BA...that brings is OBP just up to slightly below average.

      3) Kelly Johnson, Ian Desmond, Jay Bruce, and Alex Gordon are killing your average. They help your OPS because they all slug fairly well but their averages will kill you. The problem is that the first 3 are all 4 category performers and only hurt you in BA. You really need to sell off either Johnson or Desmond (they are mirror images) and take a hit in one of the 4 areas that they help you to get a boost in BA.

      4) Bruce's power is undeniable...however...if you can sell high on him...take a hit by losing his HR...but get someone that produces in all 5 categories with a higher BA...you should do it. Some folks would never consider trading Bruce for Kemp but if the Kemp owner (or the owner of any 5 tool OF) is a Bruce lover and/or needs more power...move Bruce. After all, if the guy you get has better batting average, they should have a better OBP, and even with reduced slugging...the better OBP should give you a similar OPS to Bruce...that...and a 5 category performer is always better than a 4 category performer.

      5) Unless your league counts holds...Soria is "fantasy irrelevant"...dump him and get you a bat or a SP. As far as Wieters and Molina. I am a fan of always having a backup for every position but I am not sure you really need both Molina and Wieters. If you want to roll with just one catcher...dump Wieters.

      Bottom line...

      Johnson and Desmond are mirror image players as far as tools. You need to move one and keep the other.

      Logan Morrison is not expendable. Juan Pierre, Alex Gordon, Joakim Soria, Matt Wieters, and Adam Dun are expendable.

      You need to find replacement players for your expendable parts.

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      • thanks man. i saw alot of posts requesting you by name so you seemed like the go to guy "guru".

        SB in one of my weaker spots but i recently traded for crisp so that should help and maybe i am over valuing pierre although he has been hot lately.

        Is is smart to sell this low on dunn? im hoping that pujols gets 3B elig (who knows) and i can move dunn to my full time 1B once he heats up.

        what do you mean that johnson and desmond are mirrow images? i view desmond and much more of a speed guy and johnson as a hr/rbi kinda guy. johnson is the better player IMO but im afraid to drop desmond considering hanleys health.

        shopping bruce as we speak

        holds is not a cat. im waiting to see if soria ends up on the DL to see if i can stash him there or just drop him if he stays.

        thanks for the educated insight. much appreciated.


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