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  • John John May 22, 2011 9:33 PM Flag

    Bench Cutch?

    Thanks for your condescending response again "dick strong". Cleary with a profile name like yours, you are an intelligent man. There is no way anyone could be as baseball savvy as yourself. What was I thinking using a baseball forum to ask questions about baseball?

    I have 4 pretty solid OFs. So if one of them plays less games, gets less ABs, less chances to contribute RBI, SB, R, or HRs then yes I might think about sitting him. The fact that Cutch is on fire however, did lead me to ask advice from other fantasy players. I can tell by reading a couple other response's you have made on post that your just a dbag that likes to be confrontational over the computer. Which leads me to believe your probably a little guy with a Napolean complex.

    Its cool though man, keep being that guy. Im sure you will respond but I dont care. Thanks to the other guys for your input.


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