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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong May 22, 2011 9:21 PM Flag

    Bench Cutch?

    I can read. It doesn't matter how many games they play this week. If someone offers you better performance...that is who you start. Hell...Mike Cameron has as many games as Ortiz this week...if you owned him...would you start him over McCutchen? Of course not.

    I can read. I posted my thoughts according to all of the relevant data. Apparently you struggle with reading comprehension.

    Obviously I am in a forum with a legion of fools.

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    • Thanks for your condescending response again "dick strong". Cleary with a profile name like yours, you are an intelligent man. There is no way anyone could be as baseball savvy as yourself. What was I thinking using a baseball forum to ask questions about baseball?

      I have 4 pretty solid OFs. So if one of them plays less games, gets less ABs, less chances to contribute RBI, SB, R, or HRs then yes I might think about sitting him. The fact that Cutch is on fire however, did lead me to ask advice from other fantasy players. I can tell by reading a couple other response's you have made on post that your just a dbag that likes to be confrontational over the computer. Which leads me to believe your probably a little guy with a Napolean complex.

      Its cool though man, keep being that guy. Im sure you will respond but I dont care. Thanks to the other guys for your input.

    • Ah but you keep coming back Dick, so who does that make the fool? LOL


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