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    nobody can say for sure whos on roids. i personally believe bautista is on something. but I obviously have no proof. just looking at obvious things such as jumping from 16 to 54. we all saw the steroid era so nothing should suprise us if he tests positive tomorrow nobody should say wow didnt see that coming.

    theres only one player I think everyone can agree NEVER took roids. and thats ken griffey jr. he had the most natural swing ive ever seen. great player wouldve broken the HR record if he stayed healthy. he played the game the right way IMO.

    sadly barry bonds had maybe the second prettiest swing in baseball and wouldve been a HOF either way but he got greedy.

    just had a few thoughts on the whole steroid topics I see alot of posts on here about it

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    • If they would have been around for RUTH,WILLIAMS, MANTLE, MAYS beleive me they would have taken them it's the sign of the time's.

    • If Bautista is btaking something, I wish he'd share it with some of the guys I own.

    • KGJ is my alltime favorite too

    • this wasnt supposed to be a hate on bautista post jus as anyones opinion tat he isnt on them im entitled to mine that he is im not gonna argue with ppl about their opinions

    • Pujols didnt take roids. He has always been big from his rookie yr. He is playing bad bcuz of the contract he wont sign and now he is just making himself look worse by putting up horrible numbers while Berkman and Holliday lead the way for the Cardinals. But Pujols did not and doesnt take steriods

    • WHO CARES ROIDs saved BASEBALL Bonds and Big Mac and Sosa`s HR wars brought the people back to the ball parks after the 94-95 Stike the MLB knew all about it

      wasnt til congress got involved that the MLB decieded to jump
      on the band wagon about Roids

      players in the 60s did uppers and in the late 70s and to mid 80s its was cocaine and late 80s and 90s it was Roids its always been somthing !!! HELL BaBe Ruth used to come to the games still drunk from the night b4 end these stupid witch hunts congress needs to take of a health care program the players in the MLB can afford there own already

    • Check out Dante Bichette, he never hit for real power until the age of 31 with a several years of 400+ AB and less than 20 HR leading upto a 40 HR year in his 31st year. I know I'll hear arguments that the move to Mile High was the reason...but with his lousey AVG's and age I don't buy it...he just found his swing. There are others too. Check Foster, he was a utility player until traded to the Reds where when given everyday at bats hit 50+.

    • I loved Junior as a player when he was young. And yes, he had one of the sweetest swings in baseball.
      As for never doing roids..? I don't know. His knees started to give out on him too early in his career. He also 'bluked up' in his chest area a bit, his legs and rump got HUGE. Sometimes a side affect from taking certain types of steroids.. or maybe he just got lazy.. I love to believe he never did, sadly baseball players are now looked as a type of criminal in this country, "Guilty until proven innocent"..

    • If I start taking steriods, can I hit homeruns in the MLB. NO!
      There's more to baseball than taking drugs, sometimes people should just deserve some credit. And look at Granderson, he's got alot of homeruns this year, is he on riods too?

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      • That argument doesn't apply hillbilly. Of course you couldn't, your a no talented hack like the rest of us. Bonds proved what steroids do. Bad to ok, ok to good, good to all star, all star to great, great to legendary. Very simple.

        I truly hope Jose isn't juicing. But use your melon hombre,
        2007 .254 15hr
        2008 .238 15hr
        2009 .235 13hr
        2010 .260 54hr

        His mechanics allowed for him to stay inline with his Avg, but allowed for a 40hr increase? Those are some extreme mechanic adjustment.

      • No but they help you if you can hit a baseball already. They also strengthen muscles and eyes are muscles. Bond actually got better after 35. Show me a person in the history of any sport that got better when everyone has slowed down after 35?

    • You do know alot of Steroid guys started getting hurt brcause they take them and then stop taking them, so whith Griffey who knows? You can state you think someone is taking them and then make a statement that you know Griffey didnt take them. Sorry all in the steriod era who where big HR hitters are up for suspicion

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