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  • Dick Strong Dick Strong May 21, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

    Dick Strong

    Giving sound advice once again...

    "You do not 'stash' an injured player. If you have an open DL slot...use it. If you DO NOT have an open DL slot...dump him."

    Of course, you'd expect nothing less from a Mike Stanton hater.

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    • cmon halladay and jj. really

    • I got a theme song if they wish to make it into a movie...


    • Once again you suceed in twisting facts to your benefit. I said all but guaranteed, not guarnteed. He may not have always surpassed 250, but he has been pretty damn close many times, many more times than JJ even touched 200. How about the years of 239, 220, 225, 246, 239 on top of his two 250+ seasons. I'd say 7 years of this is all within a realm that seems impossible to obtain for JJ.

      JJ has never had a healthy season since his sophomore year of high school, I'd say by using your career average theory it is completely fallible to believe that Halladay will outproduce JJ. Have I been proven wrong in my theory? Also seems to be outpaced by 33% on a per year basis, not per game basis like you like to average things out to. Remember they play entire seasons, not just a few games

    • Stanton and Jones are a valid comparison.

      Halladay and Johnson are a valid comparison.

      Comparing Halladay to Stanton would be an invalid comparison.

      Your inability to grasp this fact clearly shows that YOU are not too bright.

    • maybe you should make a book. You seem to write a lot. I have a perfect name for your book too. "I am always wrong"

    • I personally believe Halladay will come closer to giving you 250 IP than JJ will to giving you 180!!

    • Nobody is "guaranteed" to pitch 250+ innings and nobody is "guaranteed" to play in 150+ games. Being illogical and irrational doesn't make you right.

      You can't assume health any more than you can assume injury. The only thing you can assume is average performance based off previous production.

      Assuming health or injury and/or extrapolating out numbers from a focal point and ignoring averages in previous production are erroneous statistical measures.

      Hell...there was a time when Juan Pierre played in 162 games for several seasons in a row (2003-2007). What happened in 2008? You would assume he played in 162 games, right? Wrong.

      Similarly...Halladay has only pitched 250 innings TWICE in 14 seasons...that is hardly a "guarantee" of 250 IP.

      Try again, Skippy.

    • Sachin “Truth” Arora Sachin “Truth” Arora May 21, 2011 3:11 PM Flag

      No point in arguing with Dick Wrong. He's always wrong and often proves himself wrong by posting stats. Just sad that he thinks he has any knowledge.

    • I SEE WEAK DICK BACK I think the only thing he know's about BB is that he could'nt play it.learn'ed his stat's and %'s from picking the bat's up and taking them back to the dugout.

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      • I played well enough to get noticed and have conversations with a few scouts about my playing abilities. I am very confident with what I can do on a baseball field.

        One of my more recent memories was trash talking with a business associate over the phone for 2 years before we finally met...he was a former minor league pitcher and he had reached 95mph on the radar gun in the previous 12 months. On a trip to visit his company, and after a nice dinner, we continued trash talking until he decided to "shut me up" by taking me to some batting cages. We cleared all the other customers out...he picked up the yellow batting cage balls...and started hurling fastballs across the plate. When he spotted his pitches...I couldn't touch them. When he made a slight mistake...I tattooed the ball. This went on for about 15 minutes and I switched sides (yes...Dick Strong is a switch hitter...INSERT JOKE HERE). His girlfriend took it all in...she had heard the trash talking for 2 years. Long story short...we called it a draw. He had one of the 3 most impressive fastballs I have ever seen. However, he noted that I didn't miss if he made even a slight mistake.

        Funny...note...his girlfriend thought that I did better from the left hand side (I am a naturally righty). However, he and I both told her that I had more holes in my swing from the left side (something that he and I agreed on as baseball men but that the average fan could not see).

        Moving on...

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