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  • Jay Jay May 12, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    help a girl out and rate me!

    Not that it means anything cause I could honestly care less but I just found it amusing that the title of this thread is help a girl out, yet it says you are male...lol is that any indication of somewhere we don't want to venture?

    Anyway, on to the topic. Your lineup is absolutely fantastic and unless you smooth someone over in another trade I don't see how you can improve it all that much (assuming the FA list is about average).

    Your pitching is where you are going to get hurt....way too many starters and only ONE reliever. With that many SP's going and no RP's, and depending on your league's settings, you're basically giving your opponents free wins each week in categories like saves, holds, walks, WHIP, & ERA. Because you have some good SP's in Cain, Hamels, Carmona, & Hudson, consider dropping some of these guys below for good relievers/closers:

    Peavy (Just off the DL, aging, not the guy he once was)
    Lowe (Can't seem to get past 6 without a couple of runs)
    Garza (He'll get you K's but he'll murder your ERA)
    Brandon Morrow (Has nothing so far this season and usually ends up finish around a 4.50 ERA or slightly higher)

    Check the Free Agent list and consider swapping some of these guys for some RP's.


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