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  • Chris Chris Apr 30, 2011 9:12 PM Flag

    I want DICKS opinion

    arod and starlin for bautista and hanley

    worst case scenarios and best case scenarios, which side is the better bet for the long haul

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    • what a shock that somebody on this board wants dick, lmao

    • Also correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Latos get hurt last August as well? Right before he went on his horrid slump.... Hmmmm, interesting

    • LMAO are you serious? You said over 162 games. Last year plus the first month this year does not prove 162 games, thus why I assumed extrapolation. Once again very skewed logic. His injury troubles are the reason for his high numbers. Since the begining of the season his numbers have slowly regressed to the norm, only 1 earned run last game out. Also you made yourself look very foolish with your own source. His K/BB ratio, which you really want to watch if you want to gauge how he really is performing is 44/17. Ask anyone who uses sabermetircs. He also did not give up the long ball last time out either, seems to be getting back on track after working the rust off.

      As for Bruce, I'd say 26 is pretty close to 30, wouldn't you? Also 2008, his first year up, he was rated #1 overall prospect by baseball America. I'd like to think they know a little more than you do, just a little bit (Heavy on the sarcasm in case you didn't get it, God I hope you get it and aren't possibly that dumb). In that year while gathering all his data at AAA he had 10 HR in just 184 AB, which is a pretty decent rate for a power hitter. You extrapolate that once again to a full season and look what number pops up again, 30, weird how that keeps happening. Need I remind you the kid is still only 24 years old and many power hitters don't really hit their stride until ages 26-28. To think he had 25 last year, in which he slumped big time in spring and raked in the summer, at age 23 I'd have to say 30+ is easily attainable for this guy. Once again this is coming from your own source clown, if you want to use the numbers why don't you try reading and using them thoroughly not just to push your retarded propoganda.

      As for your SB claim, when did he swipe more than 10 bags in a league higher than A ball? Pretty clear he really doesn't have big league speed. You really trying to extrapolate A ball stats across big league numbers? That is hilarious if you truly believe he can do it like that at this level. He has proven the power potential at every level and only swiped more than 10 in A ball which is slightly above college.


    • Who? Where? When?

      (he said...practicing for alliteration class)

    • someone went to a Logic class

    • Incorrect, dumbass.

      To extrapolate one would make predictions for the future based on the past. I did not predict or project future numbers for Latos and Vazquez. All I used were current numbers and stated that they are similar. Perhpas you shouldn't use big words unless you fully understand their meaning.

      Here...extrapolate as defined by one Merriam Webster:


      "Latos was 14-5 with a 2.21 ERA in 26 starts through September 7 of last year. Since then he’s 0-9 with a 6.60 ERA in nine starts.

      Latos has allowed 57 hits in 44 innings during that time, including seven homers, which is a lot of long balls for someone calling pitcher-friendly Petco Park home. He’s also began the season on the disabled list with a shoulder injury, which when combined with the extended struggles might suggest there’s something more going on with his arm."


      Jay Bruce does not have a "pedigree" that says he will hit 30 HR. If hitting 26 HR across 3 minor league levels in 2007 is a "pedigree" to hit 30 HR then stealing 19 bases in 2006 is a "pedigree" to steal 20 bases. Either they both are a "pedigree" or neither is a "pedigree"...you know...if you extrapolate things out. You see...you can't have your logic work for you in one area and against you in another. If you want parrallelism of clauses in your agrument(s) then I just blew your shit wide open. Either I disproved your 30 HR "pedigree" or proved a 20 SB "pedigree". Either way...you came up short.

      Here are Bruce's minor league stats...feel free to discuss his "pedigree":


      Your serve, Skippy.

    • Are you seriously trying to extrapolate between two guys who are producing in April. Between a stud who is still trying to get his arm going after a spring injury and a guy who has been known to blow up his entire career. Latos Numbers are probably as low as they are going to be. His ERA is rising? Really? How many runs did he allow last time out, I guess allowing 1 run really inflates a high ERA.

      As for the Bruce/Victorino, recockulous(Dick joke, get it), 2 totally different players all together. Have you ever even played the game of baseball? A hitter like Bruce will strike out a lot, his pedigree will lead you possibly seeing 30+ HR. Victorino will never see this. He will have hot streaks when he shows spurts of power, but not at Bruce's level. A lot of power hitters have high K rates in the history of the game. Look it up if you don't believe me. A few modern examples are Bautista and Dunn. Bruce's SB are about the best you're going to get. A guy hitting in the middle of a lineup will very rarely steal a bag, why do it when a big bat can rake you in. Victorino is a top of the lineup guy who will see many more opportunities hitting in the top of the lineup, that's his job to put himself in position to score. He also is a much faster player than Bruce, nickname is the Flyin' Hawaiin for a reason dickhole

    • First...let me say that I am amazed at the amount of people that have nothing to do but pontificate on my musings. Let's just call them "Dick droppings".

      Moving on to the trade...this is a very interesting trade (I saw it before I went out tonight but I was not interested in posting because of Bautista). That being said...I like the Bautista side.

      A-Rod is A-Rod...but a declining A-Rod. Without being in the Yankees lineup he would only be worth 80% of his current value. Of course HE IS in the Yankees' lineup.

      Castro is probably the 4th best fantasy SS (Tulo, HanRam, Reyes....are ahead of him).

      HanRam is HanRam and even with reduced output thus far this season he will still be a 5 category producer and in each of those 5 categories he will probably outproduce Castro (with the exception of BA).

      That brings us to Bautista...I hate him...I think he is crap...and I think he is the second coming of Brady Anderson. However, there has been new information (this week) that seems to prove me wrong (or at least gives a better picture of what is going on with Bautista). All but one of his HRs last season were pulled (only one opposite field HR). That would usually mean that he sucks...however...Ted Williams, Barry Bonds, and David Ortiz are just a few guys that were known to be extreme pull hitters. Bautista's K rate is higher than I like but his BB rate is also through the roof. What does that all mean? Well...the best summary I have found is here:


      Take the Jose Bautista / Hanley Ramirez side.

      P.S. - To those that claim that I have no life...I tend to be unavailable Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 9pm to 3am ET. If you review my posting history you will notice an absence of posts during those timeframes.

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      • I'm sure you have a vast knowledge of the game, but it must go through several filters of bullsh.it before coming out of your mouth or keyboard. I almost started to respect you but the more posts I read, the more I see how much garbage you spew. You showed Latos and Vasquez's numbers and still thought they were eerily similar. Joke. You also said that Jay Bruce is an overhyped, expensive version of Shane Victorino. Another Joke. JAH, SaYne, Dwight, and myself know our baseball. Go ahead and try to insult our intelligence. Doesn't mean much anymore when it comes from you.

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