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  • eW eW Apr 28, 2011 4:05 PM Flag

    Spots open in Keeper League in progress!

    Hello! I run a 20 team keeper league and I have a couple of GM's who have already quit, that I'd like to replace.
    It's a 2nd year league, but first year going keeper, so you'd still be getting in on the ground floor. You will be taking over a team, 4 weeks into the season. One of the teams avaliable is in 2nd place, so decent teams are avaliable.
    I'm looking for experienced players that are in it for the long haul. No rookies please.
    If interested please email me at silver_shamrock3@yahoo.com.
    I will need your email address that you want to use in the League, and your Yahoo ID. Also, if you would please send me the link to your trophy case so I can see what type of experience you have.


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    • Hey shamrock i'd love to join a keeper league it would be my first time in a keeper league. I've always wanted to do one! I am an experienced fantasy sports player who has played baseball, basketball, golf and football in fantasy. Ill pay attention for the whole year. I saw u have 20 teams, that's a lot so the competition should be good. Ill give take whatever team is available and will be competitive until the end. Please email me back ASAP so I know if you want me in tor league or not.
      P. S. It doesn't matter to me but does your league have adults, kids or both? Also I don't know bow to show you my fantasy link thing. Please email me back. Thanks a lot!


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