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  • Powerade Powerade Apr 28, 2011 2:51 PM Flag

    Ok...This Guy Doesn't Get It....

    12 Team H2H League

    Accepted a trade of Stanton/King Felix for CarGo two days ago. I needed upgrade in the OF bad...already have a deep pitching staff. Gavin Floyd will be my pickup with the open roster space.

    There is one real annoying dude that keeps on writing in the message boards that the deal NEEDS to be vetoed blah blah. He has slowly converted two other guys to veto the deal. Around one more vote & it will probably be vetoed. I'm very frustrated cause this dude is a complete tool.
    I joined a friend's friend of mine league. Now a few other people are saying I don't know what I'm talking about & I'm destroying the integrity of the league.

    The next paragraph is an excerpt of just some of the ludicrous crap he has been spewing past day or so....He thinks cause Felix winning the Cy Young means he can't be dealt. I gave out stats of Greinke & Lee & how they have up & down seasons especially after the CY YOung year. Pitchers are unpredictable from year to year, dude just doesn't get it.

    "Greinke was still a top AL pitcher last year, even if his stats don't reflect that. He had the league's worst defense behind him and there were problems in the clubhouse. If he had a competent team behind him, he'd have posted cy young numbers. Watch what he does for the Brew Crew this year.

    Cliff lee had a great year with Tribe and phils in 09. I don't care what stats you throw out there, these guys are elite pitchers. Just because their ERAs may go up a little, doesn't make them any worse than their previous seasons.

    Make any arguments you want, King Felix is one of the best pitchers in baseball. You can argue that he is the best. He's the youngest of the elite pitchers in the game and he already has a cy young under his belt.

    On top of giving up felix, the dude is giving up MIke Stanton. That's ridiculous.

    This trade is a joke and if it goes through, this league will be a joke."

    I just want the trade to go thru...but looks like by the end of tonight it will be vetoed...

    What you guys think I should do??? Is it vetoworthy?

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