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    What do you guys think? 10 team 6x6 using R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OPS/SHO/SV/K/ERA/WHIP/QS. I punted saves and tried to pick up the best ratio relievers i could. Im thinking of trading some of my hitting depth for pitching. what kind of starter could i get for a guy like dunn? where can i improve? lost week 1 4-6-2.

    C Russell Martin
    1B Albert Pujols
    2B Kelly Johnson
    3B Michael Young
    SS Hanley Ramírez
    OF Nelson Cruz
    OF Jayson Werth
    OF Jay Bruce
    Util Howie Kendrick
    Util Adam Dunn
    SP Dan Haren
    SP Chris Carpenter
    SP Hiroki Kuroda
    RP Hong-Chih Kuo
    RP Rafael Soriano
    P Daniel Bard
    P Ryan Madson
    P Jordan Walden
    P Javier Vázquez
    BN Martín Prado
    BN Mark Reynolds
    BN Ian Desmond
    BN Matt Wieters
    DL Corey Hart
    BN Max Scherzer
    BN Ervin Santana
    BN Aaron harang

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    • i dont care whos on your team. why do you feel the need to share it with everyone. you must think its pretty good

    • is your league head to head?

      people don't understand how easily ratios can be altered on a weekly basis.

      For example... if you throw 80 innings and give up 95 Walks/Hits, your WHIP would be 1.1875. Best case scenario, your relief pitcher throws 5 innings of 0.000 WHIP. Your new whip is 1.1176 If they throw 5 innings of 1.000 WHIP, your new whip is 1.176.

      There are plenty of relievers who have seasons with WHIP under 1.00. And on those weeks where they are lights out, they will singlehandedly win you ratios.

      The key to punting saves is to not be tied to any of your RP if it means picking up a guy on waivers you really want. Your RP are replaceable at all times, but streaky bats and starters are not.

      now granted all of this is also true for roto leagues... its just the same thing multiplied out over the season.

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      • im in a head to head league. thanks for your help. makes alot of sense.im in the process of dumping my relievers but only get 3 moves per week and have already used 2. gonna try to pick up stauffer and duensing. what one would u target first?

      • Well said, but in this situation where he has given up on saves he will be screwed in quality starts, K, SHO. You may as well take the risk in WHIP because if you have too many RP you are guaranteed to lose QS,K,SV(already gave up). RP is very important in Roto, but not so much in H2H (especially if you don't have innings limits)

    • Forgive me if someone has said this you because I have not read the thread in its entirety, but why would you have any relief pitchers on your team? Even Walden is useless if you are punting saves. You need drop them immediately and pick up starters. Relief pitchers offer you nothing.

      I also noticed you have Pujols and Hanley. If you can make trades like that with morons that would give you the top 2 players in the draft. You should try trading Walden, Madson, Soriano, Bard, Kuo for Halladay and King Felix. Even throw in a pitcher or a bat if they reject, just make sure you target the same moron that allowed you to have Pujols and Hanley.

    • can i please just get some kind of insight here. its like pulling teeth on this board.

    • this is true but on a dollar for dollar value who would you suggest targeting?

    • Wow...let's talk intelligence...

      Punting saves is a fine strategy. However...

      ...if you are punting saves and holds are NOT a scoring category and both strikeouts and quality starts ARE scoring categories (not wins) then you need as many SPs as you can get.


      ...even a mediocre SP gets 150 Ks a year. The average reliever will get 75 Ks and a GREAT reliever will get 90 Ks. As such, ONE MEDIOCRE STARTER will get you as many Ks as TWO GOOD/GREAT RELIEVERS. Further, a starting pitcher actually has a chance at getting you a quality start. How many quality starts can you get in a relief appearance? NONE!!!

      You can have all the best ratio relievers you want. That simply means that you are not intelligent enough to understand the scoring criteria of your league. As such, you are also punting quality starts and Ks.

      Simply put...if you are punting saves...WHY THE FUCK DOES YOUR IGNORANT ASS HAVE ANY RELIEVERS? You could get more SPs or better bats. Hell...those useless RPs are hurting your hitting too. You are destined to fail as long as you are punting saves and have RPs on your roster.


      The Management

    • This is an impossible question to answer because it depends on who people have playing 1B.... if they guy has Votto, you might get Ted Lilly for Dunn; if he is starting Overbay, you might get Oswalt.

    • How did you end up with Pujols AND Hanley?


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