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  • Marco Marco Mar 25, 2011 11:14 PM Flag

    This is good enough?


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    • Think about it.
      For example

      McCann is a 20 hr hitter always.

      His stats 20 homers 75 RBI's 60 runs & a .270 BA

      Waiver catcher, say Yadier Molina for example.

      6 homers 60 RBI's 35 runs & a .270 BA

      you lose 14 homers, 15 RBI's & almost 2 times the runs.

      Now trade say McGehee for Zimmer

      Only 2 homers apart McGehee may get you more RBI's like last season, BUT Washington does have better players now.
      Zimmer bats over .300 each year then mcGehee.

      Basically you lose a crapload of points trading McCann to get a player that wont improve your team. you actually will downgrade your team. Excluding injuries, because we can not predict the future.



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