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    when to draft of and sp?

    i kno sp and of r deep, but in my mock drafts i'm having a hard time decideing when to draft these positions. i go for 2b/ss/3b first since they're not deep.

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    • I try to fill out my infield first, which usually means 6-8 round. There are decent pitchers usually around (cain, sanchez, dempster). I think it is more important to get kick ass hitters over pitching since the pitchers only go once every five days.

    • To me it matters the pick. i would either want one of the first 5 or the last 2. I try to get 1B, 2B,3B,SS, C done with in the first 5 rounds. Then take a pitcher like Verlander or CC Sabathia. OF is the last thing i draft. All of this goes with 1 exception and here is an example. Say u have the 1st pick, u take Pujols and u wrap back around and Halladay, Braun, Cargo, or Crawford are still there you take them probably with Zimmerman or Reyes

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      • I really don't think there's a good general rule to this sort of thing. you just have to see what's out there when you're up and judge it by quality of player.

        For instance, after Cano goes, the next best options will still be around in the 3rd/4th round (Uggla and Phillips..I don't like Kinsler and Utley is hurt). With SS it's even worse...Hanley and Tulo will be gone within 5 picks, and there's no point in chasing anyone else for awhile. 1B has a bunch of good options, but most are usually gone by Round 2.


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