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    Trade Pujols?

    I am in a 12 team h2h non-keeper league and I recently acquired Pujols. Now I am considering trading him.

    Hitting = R, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, AVG
    Pitching = W, CG, SHO, SV, BB, K, HLDS, ERA, WHIP, QS

    I want to offer the following deal, but I don't want to offend the other guy or rip myself off trading the best player in baseball. What do you think?

    I give: Pujols, Figgins, and Volquez

    I get: Halladay, Kinsler, and Posey (He has McCann too)

    Here's my team.

    C - Ruiz
    1B - Pujols
    2B - Figgins
    3B - P. Alvarez
    SS - Reyes
    OF - Cargo
    OF - Werth
    OF - Ordonez
    Util - B. Butler
    BN - McGehee
    BN - Tabata

    SP - B. Morrow
    SP - T. Hanson
    RP - Marmol
    RP - Axford
    P - Carpenter
    P - Marcum
    P - Bumgarner
    P - S. Downs (Holds)
    BN - Peavy
    BN - E. Volquez
    BN - B. Webb

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    • He won't accept the first trade you offered, much less the second. If he does accept the first deal then you are getting the better end by far. Halladay usually leads the league in CG and SHO. You will have Posey and an underrated Butler to play 1st. No way hits a sophmore slump like someone else mentioned. Figgins is in a terrible Sea. line-up and will most likely have a season like last year(no prtection, no runs, only sb. Kinsler is wayyyyy better and is no where near the injury risk that others have mentioned. He has pretty much logged 500ab every year except for last year and his rookie year(423ab good for a rook). Not to mention the fact that hee's killing it this spring. Volquez is a dime a dozen, middle of the pack pitcher. You're basically asking for three studs for one stud(the best of course). All 3 players that you would receive will be top 30. Posey MIGHT slip into the top 50 area but I highly doubt it. You could use another closer if he has an extra one. I think he will laugh at the first offer and get pissed at the second. if you can pull it off then you are the man. GL bro.

    • Just to confuse you all more... I am going to break this deal down a different way. I got Pujols and Morrow for my Zimmerman and Kershaw earlier this week. So I like to look at my last proposal like this... (R = Round they were drafted in my league)

      I get: Morrow (R11), Halladay (R1), Wright (R2), Kinsler (R4) and Posey (R3)

      I give: Volquez (R18), Kershaw (R4), Zimmerman (R2), Figgins (R14), and Alvarez (R11)

      Looking at it like this, I'd take this hypothetical deal in a fkn heartbeat. Right?

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      • Your Pujols/Zimmerman deal is done and over with. You can't evaluate the deal by looking at who you might have traded if the other manager was willing to make a deal in return for Zimmerman and Kershaw.

        For example, if you get a great deal and peddle Jayson Werth and get Carlos Gonzalez in return (yeah, yeah, not going to happen and not the point), you don't then look at a deal involving CarGo by saying, "well, I got him for Werth, so if the deal was offered to me in exchange for Werth ..."


      • But you can't look at a deal based on a round a guy is drafted.

        Guys typically draft in relation to where they are general considered to be ranked so even if I go into a draft thinking a guy ranked like 180 is gonna be a top 100 guy, I'm gonna wait off, wait off, wait off on drafting him, i'm not gonna snag him in a top 100 pick.

        For instance, Volquez in your deal, though drafted in round 18, is a year removed from a 3.2 ERA season. He is fully capable of producing ace like stats this year.

        You don't like your pitching or aren't completely confident in it, I get that. But your rotation has the potential to be very strong. In otherwords, there is no reason to panic and make a trade on it until you see if you need to really or get a sure fire deal.

        However, your Pujols trade the very initial one you mentioned that people said it is bad for you. If I had Halladay/Kinsler/Posey, there is no way I would deal them for that in all likelyhood.

        Pujols when it comes to what people pay for him, pay way too much 99 percent of the time. If you deal him, you should make him available to everyone and run the price up and trade him only if you get a no brainer deal.

      • Well yes but that doesnt mean Posey or Kinsler belong in the 3rd and 4th round.. hahaha

    • I traded Pujole for Tex and Heyward in a Keeper league. I could have easily gotten more but I dont care about making people overpay.

    • I like the idea of throwing him on the block for now... seen what happens...

    • I been looking at other options with this deal and I came up with this... I am thinking that I could try this. Any better?

      I get: Halladay, Wright, Kinsler, and Posey

      I give: Pujols, Alvarez, Figgins, and Volquez.

    • Thanks guys. I am not entirely confident in my SP and I hate having a shitty catcher. But I think I'll take your guys advice and not even offer it. Thx again.

    • You lose, bad deal.

    • I wouldn't do it...

      Butler is no Pujols but he does get on base. And keep in mind Kins is an injury risk as history dictates.

      Ruiz is a Vet and does have power. Sure he won't be hitting bombs like Posey. But who evens know with a Rookie like Posey. Sophomore Slump maybe?
      Even so, C is the weakest position. I'd stick with the Vet, Pujols, and Figgins.

    • You are completely getting screwed on this. The guy would probably take that in a heartbeat - ESPECIALLY if he has McCann.

    • I would put a message otu there that you willing to trade Pujols and see what offers you get. Sometimes people are willing to over pay for him.

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