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  • MaiznB MaiznB Mar 6, 2011 8:21 AM Flag

    Draft decision

    Keeper league 5x5. 2 utility positions. Pitchers are set. Keeping Cargo, Holliday and Jeter.

    You have the 1st and 12th pick of the draft. Who are your targets for these 1st round picks? Why?

    M Young
    C Young
    D Young

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    • in spite of position scarcity at 3B and 2B being an issue..... I would look for picks at 1 and 12 that have the best potential to be keepers in the future. Anyone reasonably young with potential to improve from non-keeper to keeper is who I target with early picks. For example, last year in my h2h 10-cat, 10- keeper league I grabbed CarGo with my first pick and Kershaw with the 13th.
      Obviously both keepers now.
      I like going Upton/Butler because it fills two spots you ahve open, and they have keeper potential next year.
      Another option is Morneau/Rasmus. Same reasons. You just have to believe that Morneau will rebound back to his normal self. I'm assuming you wouldn't be able to get Upton AND Morneau of course, but if so......done.
      I don't like any of the infielders you listed. Weeks Ks too much which makes him prone to slumps and makes his BA too unpredictable for me. Prado is not bad, but he doesn't help in cats other than runs/avg and he's about reached his ceiling.
      Young is too old. I like Alexei, but if you're commited to Jeter then he's redundant.

    • J.Upton is the best talent long term - you may need to fill out other positions as you have Cargo/Holiday, so Alexei would be a wise target. Weeks is there too, but I am personally leery and just don't buy in


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