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  • CleartheCrease CleartheCrease Mar 4, 2011 1:47 PM Flag

    Wright trade, THOUGHTS?

    Roto 10team

    He gives: Wright(3b) + Nolasco(sp) + Vazquez(sp/rp)

    I give: Abreu(of) + R.Romero(sp) + Buchholz(sp)

    Batting stats are defiantly my weakest link. I have Pujols already so with those two I'd look decent. Pitching gems can always be found in free agency later hopefully if needed.

    Also noob question, someone told me it's a mistake to have too many Pitchers from the A.L, why is that, better hitters I suppose?

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    • bump.

    • Are those really the pitching stats? No K's?

    • This one is tough but for me, you loose because you are giving up really good pitching. As far as AL pitching, the only feasible reason for that argument, to me, is that they have to pitch to an extra hitter, the DL. But that to me is not enough of a reason to avoid AL pitching. Good SP is good SP, no matter AL or NL, period.

    • A general rule of thumb for trades that I use is to try to get the best player in the deal. Wright is by far the best player in this deal. So I think you would be getting the better end of the deal.

      But I'm not sure the other guy will go for it...

      AL pitchers face a DH in the heart of the line up. NL pitchers face another pitcher at the bottom of the line up. But don't make you base the decision entirely on AL/NL. It's a tie breaker for equivalent pitchers.

    • Sorry K's are definatly in there, typo.

    • Do it. Buchholz was VERY lucky and won't repeat. Romero's a stud but you're right in that you can draft a similar-enough caliber. And yes, you don't want to be too heavy on AL SP, because of the batters and mostly because of the DH. In the NL every 9th batter they face is a pitcher (or bench player), not a Papi or other hired-bat. Big advantage.

    • Buchholz, Lucky and won't repeat? Seriously? I hate the Red Sox but even I would draft him purely because he plays for them. Their team is stacked with the additions of Crawford and Gonzalez. So, no matter how he pitches having those bats alone with get him wins. Also, as stated, to shy away from AL pitchers because they pitch to a DH is ridiculous.

    • While Buchholz is the best pitcher in the deal, I like what you would be getting in the Wright side. Nolasco should improve, as his second half looked much better than his first with his strong finish. Wright is a top notch 3B whichis tough to find, while Abreu is aging and starting to show it. Wright side all the way.


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