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  • lauri_58801 lauri_58801 Feb 23, 2011 8:51 PM Flag

    h2h vs. roto

    how would you draft a team differently in you are in a h2h league rather than roto. i have played fantasy for 5 years but all my teams are roto.

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    • Two years ago I played H2H football for the first time. I will never play H2H again in any format. I found it much more interesting, much more exciting and more challenging. However - what happens in fantasy all the time is that guys with lousy teams quit. They do. If they quit in roto their team simply sinks to the bottom and nobody cares. In H2H when they quit they mess up the entire league. Usually dead H2H teams have DL players still starting and several good players still sitting on the bench not getting stats. In football thats a real problem - particularly as you get closer to the playoffs. Maybe baseball isn't as bad but I'm never going to find out. That's just how I feel about it. I know others will disagree.

    • H2H is more short-term, week by week strategy.
      Roto is more long-term, full season strategy.

    • I play both and like H2H better for the compitition. I play Roto because you do have to play it differently. I am much better in H2H and am trying to work it out in Roto. But like someone else said play what you like.

    • H2H is a no-skill fomat. You can ignore, SB's SV's BS R's....it's a format where you just throw you best guys out there.

      You can also play games like stream SP's. You don't need a well rounded team in H2H, it's for beginners and teeagers (or adults that like to drag about beating teenagers).

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      • This stupid posts again? Really how fun is Roto? You set your line up and then nothing. You sit there. There is no rivalry from week to week. You just sit and watch your giant box score add up.Anyone who has a bad start has an almost impossible chance of catching up. Plus the lack of a playoff system at the end of the season. So yeah, if enjoying competition, and have fun while playing fantasy baseball makes you a rookie, or a teenager then i guess thats me. I guess i'm not mature or sophisticated enough to be in a league where you get booted out before the season starts because of inactivity.

      • If you like roto better that's fine. A lot of people do.
        But H2H requires no skill?
        You can ignore all the stat categories?
        You don't need a well rounded team?
        It's for beginners or teenagers?

        One can only assume that either:
        You've gotten your ass whipped in H2H leagues and are bitter about it
        you're about 10 years old (your little rant makes you sound about 10, maybe 12) and have nothing better to whine about.

        Guys like you always try to win arguments by putting the other guy down instead of making a positive case for yourself.

      • This scrub from Santa Cruz must like teenagers. Why else would he constantly be talking about them?


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