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  • Michael B Michael B Feb 17, 2011 12:57 PM Flag

    ?!? help with my keepers ?!?

    really torn up about who to keep
    need 12 out of these 30
    league needs 2 ppl at each posotion except for OF where its 5
    its also a 10 team league with 10 off stats and 8 pitching stats (2 of them are saves and blown saves) dont want a closer so it doesnt come into play
    carlos santana
    matt wieters
    adrian gonzalez
    justin smoak
    ian kinsler
    evan longoria
    jose bautista
    stephen drew
    (dont have another ss)
    andrew mccutchen
    drew stubbs
    carlos quentin
    justin velander
    francisco liriano
    brandon webb
    jake peavy
    james shields
    ricky nolasco
    madison bumgarner
    edwin jackson
    ryan dempster
    carlos zambrano
    wade davis
    dallas braden
    magglio ordonez
    chris davis
    mat gamel
    ryan raburn
    kila ka'aihue
    travis hafner

    longoria-adrian gonzalez-verlander-mccutchen-kinsler (5)
    carlos santana-jose bautista-stubbs-liriano (4)
    webb-peavy-stephen drew-wieters-quentin-nolasco-james shields-bumgarner (NEED 3 MORE)

    im leaning towards wieters and webb becuase i drafted them early last year and wieters is only 24 and major potential and i want to keep bumgarner because he is only 21 but i do need ss and dont know if to keep drew.
    basically i have like 19 keepers and can only keep 12 plus i have second pick this year so i can either use it on one of my own or if there is somebody better but im gonna probably take bryce harper if he is still there at 2

    any help would be awesome and if u think my probables need to be changed or someone from the 11 im not even considered would be better please let me know
    im really in a bind and could use all the advice i can get
    thanks everyone in advance

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