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  • Brightside Brightside Feb 17, 2011 12:11 AM Flag

    Good trades???

    Both are pending

    Trade 1
    Getting: Jose Reyes & Zack Greinke
    Giving: Tim Lincecum & Jayson Werth

    Trade 2
    Getting: Andrew McCutchen
    Giving: Derek Jeter

    ** Overall I think I'm getting upgrades at SS & OF while taking a slight hit at my ace spot. Any feedback on these trades???

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    • i like the upgrade from werth to andrew but im not sure about the reyes jeter trade off there. even in a down year jeter in that lineup scored over 100 runs and double digit home runs, and his average will not be that bad again. and jeter can still run he is only one year removed from 30 plus stolen bases. and Id much rather have big time timmy jim instead of grienke. i just feel like lincy has proven more over a longer period of time.. and what happens if zack cant handle it anymore and loses his anxiety medicine and misses another season.... overall its a damned if you do damned if you dont scinerio. time will ultimately decide wether it was a good trade or not.

    • i think youre losing the first trade and winning the second. Still loving greinke this year, but dont like the fact ur giving up lincecum andddd werth for greinke and reyes. Overall not bad moves

    • Your getting hosed on the 1st deal. What happens if Reyes gets hurt and/or Greinke fucks up like he did last year? Too risky to throw Lincecum at imo.

      Other trade is great.

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      • What happens if Lincy gets hurt, or Werth plays like he did in 2005?? I like both trades. Reyes is the third best SS, and it is not like he has a history of getting hurt. Only had 1 major injury his entire career. Anyone can get hurt once. And i think Greinke will be like any other ace who switches to the NL and be a complete stud his first year. Not like Greinke is a unpredictable pitcher. He is one year removed of winning the AL CY young

      • Everyone either loves or hates the 1st trade and yeah I know what you're saying about Reyes and Greinke.

        My logic is that Greinke's projected numbers can only be better in Milwakee now that he has run support compared to his old Royals team.

        Reyes is a risk, but he's still an upgrade from Jeter right? (Wouldn't have been able to pull the McCutchen trade if I didn't get Reyes).

        Lincecum is a beast, but I had to give something to get something right?

    • I like them both. I think Werth will end up being an overpaid bum! Jeter is old, so his numbers will most likely decline again, so mc was a nice pickup there. Greinke should be able to put up better numbers in Mil than he did in KC at least in the W category. Overall I think you got younger and slightly better good work.