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    I am in a keeper league that allows us to keep the same player at the same draft position for three consecutive years. I am on the final year of my keeper status for two players so next year I will lose any keeper I keep this year that I have kept the two prior years. Take a look at the list and tell me who you think I should keep knowing this is my last year to possibly keep Tim Lincecum (in the 9th round), and Miguel Cabrera (in the 1st). We are only allowed to keep a maximum of 3 players.

    **For the past two years everyone has kept their first rounder so something to keep in mind...

    Gonna Do Better
    1. (4) Miguel Cabrera (Det - 1B)
    2. (17) Grady Sizemore (Cle - OF)
    3. (24) Brian McCann (Atl - C)
    4. (37) Brandon Phillips (Cin - 2B)
    5. (44) Justin Verlander (Det - SP)
    6. (57) Chone Figgins (Sea - 2B,3B)
    7. (64) Nelson Cruz (Tex - OF)
    8. (77) Carlos Peña (ChC - 1B)
    9. (84) Tim Lincecum (SF - SP)
    10. (97) Francisco Rodríguez (NYM - RP)
    11. (104) Jason Heyward (Atl - OF)
    12. (117) Elvis Andrus (Tex - SS)
    13. (124) Max Scherzer (Det - SP)
    14. (137) Carlos Zambrano (ChC - SP,RP)
    15. (144) Adrian Beltre (Tex - 3B)
    17. (164) Howie Kendrick (LAA - 1B,2B)
    18. (177) John Danks (CWS - SP)
    19. (184) Jaime Garcia (STL- SP, RP)
    20. (197) Shaun Marcum (Mil - SP,RP)
    21. (204) Phil Hughes (NYY - SP,RP)
    22. (217) Brad Lidge (Phi - RP)
    23. (224) Rafael Furcal (LAD - SS)
    24 (237) Corey Hart (Mil - OF)
    24. (237) Jose Bautista (Tor - 3B,OF)

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    • I would definitely keep Lincecum and Cabrera. Even though you only have them for 1 more year Lincecum's value is waaay worth it and Miggy is an absolute monster. For the third spot I would consider Heyward and Bautista, selecting Heyward in the end. Although Bautista's value for the draft position is great, Heyward is only an 11th rounder and the sky is the limit for him. With a new Braves lineup who is healthy, i am excited to see what this year brings. I have him as a keeper in my league too.

    • I'd throw back Miggy for 2 reasons. 1- From what you said, I assume you'd be the only one with a first round pick, and could get him back with that 1st round pick. 2- Once you do redraft him, that should reset his clock so you'd get to keep him a few more years. I'd insist that all keepers are submitted to the commish at the same time, so nobody hears that you aren't keeping Cabrera and changes their keeper strategy, cutting loose their 1st rounder who isn't as good to draft Miggy.

      After that, I think Lincecum is too much of a steal in the 9th not to keep. There is good SP depth this year, but Tim is a beast... gotta do it.

      I like Heyward in the 11th. That's just me personally, but I think he will be a stud, and I assume you'd get to keep him for 2011, 2012, and 2013. Sign me up.

      Last, I'd keep Bautista as a 24th rounder. Even with him likely regressing, he's still a valuable player, and would give you versatility with his 3B/OF eligibility. Good luck.

    • Keep miggy, lincecum and verlander.

    • keep heyward, lincuem, and trade miguel early.

    • I would keep Lince, Cabrera, and Bautista. However, I would try to trade Bautista early on because he wont have a repeat year and knowing the blue jays they will probably trade him half way through the season and he would not even hit 30 home runs outside of the rogers centre.

    • Tough Call.....

      I would Keep Miggy/Heyward/ Lincecum. It's tough not to keep Bautista (iinstead of Lincecum) considering what he did last year and the value with your last pick.

      Good Luck

    • Think I'd go Miggy, Mccann, and Lincecum. Help with my question if you haven't already. Keeper opinion question.

    • id keep bautista and heyward and lince. answer mine plz.


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