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  • Tony A Tony A Feb 3, 2011 7:12 PM Flag

    A few draft steals

    After looking and a few mock drafts and player ratings I think that McGehee, Austin Jackson and Zobrist are going to be extremely valuable where they are projected to be picked. McGehee and Jackson were probably free agent adds last year, but they are still undervalued this year. All three of these guys are going around pick 90 or later from what I've seen.

    McGehee is at third base (likely won't get 2b eligibility) and he had a fantastic year last year. I expect another 25+ homers and around 95 rbi's.

    Jackson had wonderful year last year, he continued to get on base even with his high strikeout rate. In expanded leagues with triples and stolen bases I think he is golden.

    Zobrist was one of the "players to get" last year in drafts. He disappointed when he underperformed to what people expected. But with his 2B eligibility and likely possibility of SS during the season, I think his value will be more around his 2009 value.

    Players I love

    Michael Young - 3B - Texas
    Not necessarily a steal, currently going around pick 70 or so. But I think he could get 2B and SS during the season with the addition of Beltre at third and Kinsler's inability to stay healthy. He should get at least 5 starts at SS this year.

    Adam Dunn - 1B/OF? - Chi White Sox
    I don't know if he will retain his OF eligibility, but he is still a lock for 40+ homers. I'm looking at the 50+ side this year and 115+ rbi's. Massive power hitter + playing in a hitter's paradise = a lot of production. Certainly in the top 15 of batters at the end of the year.

    Mike Stanton - OF - Florida
    I actually like him more than Heyward for at least this year. Heyward is a monster, so I think that overshadowed Stanton's ability to annihilate the ball last year. Stanton and Heyward are the same height and around the same weight, within 10lbs Seeing since Stanton is going about 20-30 picks after Heyward, I'll let all of you pick Heyward while I laugh.

    These last three are going in Yahoo's first 7 rounds. But I just love these three and their value is greater than where they are drafted as well.

    Sorry, I was bored and wanted to post something.

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