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  • Nick T Nick T Feb 2, 2011 5:40 PM Flag

    Matt Kemp Question !

    I've been reading about the Dodgers hiring Davey Lopes as 1st base coach and putting him in charge of overhauling the dodgers running game on the basepaths...apparently- from my websearcing- Lopes is widely thought of as THE BEST in the business when is comes to teaching the art of basestealing

    rotoworld says JAson Werth and others (victorino?) credit him with their improvement as basestealers ....anyone think Kemp might benefit immensely from this new hiring ? and from L.A. getting rid of Torre (who moved Kemp up and down the lineup)

    sounds like Kemp could be in store for a major bounceback campaign ...and I am having a hard time deciding between keeping him or Jason Heyward (can only keep either for this year only) oh- and this league (head to head) also counts WALKS as a category ...so Heyward will definitely have an edge there ....

    help please ?!


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