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  • Matt S Matt S Feb 1, 2011 5:40 PM Flag

    Keeper Help

    14-team keeper league; 5x5, head to head, 2 7-team divisions. Can elect to keep 4 or 5 players. Keeping 4 means we get an extra draft choice at the top of the draft.

    I am keeping:
    Miguel Cabrera
    Ryan Braun
    Ryan Zimmerman

    Other candidates:
    Jon Lester
    BJ Upton
    Mike Stanton
    Victor Martinez

    Which 2 should I keep, and why, or which 1 should I keep, and why should I let 3 go?


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    • lester and martinez.

    • I'd keep Vmart because it saves you a roster spot when you have a catcher who plays every game and he will at DH. Also Stanton because of potential.

      Pitchers are plentiful this year and less important in H2H.

    • Remember this is a keeper league...

      You keep Lester because he's going to be a K's and W's machine. AL Beast or not the Red Sox are good. This guy was in the running for CY Young last year, and he will be just as good this year.

      You keep Stanton over V-Mart: Stanton hit 22 homers in how many at bats last year? V-Mart hit how many less in how many more at bats? Maybe I'm exagerrating a bit but thats how much more power Stanton offers you. FFS (at everyone who said V-Mart), he's just turning 21 and he hit 22 homers in half a year.
      Furthermore Catcher is deep this year.
      Moreover, target Jesus Montero, the mashing DH with C eligability, as a backup & keeper.
      Additionally, Stanton has a tremendous work ethic thats only exceeded by his bat speed (faster bat than Pujols btw). DYK, he designed his own pitch recognition practice during the offseason? No? Well it speaks wonders for how far he's going to go compared to others.

    • Lester and Stanton
      VMart had shaky road stats away from Fenway.
      Plus his numbers as a 1B/DH are much lower then when he is a C.

    • Stanton as he has rare HR and RBI potential as demonstrated by numbers over a partial season in 2010. Your other players will compensate for his AVG.

      Victor Martinez - he rarely sits so gets more ABs than majority of catchers.

      Wouldn't keep Lester as has the risk the AL East hitters bring and the injury risk of very heavy workload in recent seasons. Riskier keeper than your hitters and SPs are plentiful this season. Are Scherzer, Kershaw, Anderson, Gallardo, Daniel Hudson, Jimenez all kept or available within your first few draft picks?

      Upton's stats you can get by drafting a Drew Stubbs type of player.

      If you really want an elite SP during the season, maybe you can draft a younger C like Santana, Iannetta, Arencibia and if they pan out, trade Martinez for an elite arm.

    • 14 teamer I'd keep Lester and V-mart. Those guys likely wouldn't make it past the 2nd round. All you need is a SS and the rest is all pitching and OF in the draft...nice and deep pools.

    • V-mart and Lester for sure. You cant do much better than Vmart at C and lester has been very consistent over the years.

      Im thinking dont keep zimmerman tho. Without dunn for protection, i dont like him as much. Use your extra pick to get another pitcher

    • I would keep Vmart and Lester they are both clearly going to be taken in the first 5 rounds so they are worth keeping.

      Lester gives you a SP, which you haven't kept yet and he is young, improving still, and is already an ace. He is a workhorse that will get you elite wins and strikeouts.

      Vmart is one of the few catchers you want he is on decline but will still get you good power and runs for a catcher plus he is elite in average.


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