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  • Caine Caine Jan 31, 2011 10:49 AM Flag

    2 cents of advice needed ....

    I am in a 12 team H2H league where we keep 3 players. I have bounced back and forth about who to keep since end of season. I would appreciate any insight anyone has to offer. Below are my options:

    Prince Fielder
    Troy Tulowitzki
    Kevin Youkilis
    Daniel Hudson
    Jon Lester

    Thanks again.

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    • Tulo is a no brainer, i personally think Fielder is as well.

      Hudson is a good pitcher. He is young and has done well so far. But the fact is he is on a bad Dbacks team and he can only do so much himself.

      Lester is a great young pitcher on a great team. He will give you K's by the truck load, keeps his era around 3.50,has a solid whip and will get lots of wins on that Sox team.

      Youk is a good player, it will be nice when he gets his 3rd base elgibilty to go along with his 1st base status. But the problem i have with Youk is his health. He history makes me cautious of him. Sept is his least played month. And yes even factoring in he missed the final 2 months last season which is probably 50 to 60 games for him he still has played in 100 games less in the 2nd half then the 1st half.

      So for me i would go with Lester and have an legit ace on your team.

    • Lester, Youk, Tulo...

      Lester's an Ace (no brainer), Youk has 1B, and 3B eligibility and is in the most potent line up in baseball (probably will get some OF eligibility at some point), and Tulo is Tulo.

    • I assume that these three keepers would represent your first three picks then and not kept in a certain round?

      If that's the case, Tulo, Fielder, Youkilis

      You can make up for pitching, but to lock up your SS and 3B with some of the best options available is a good idea.

    • I can't think of a reason to keep anyone other than Youk, Prince, and Tulo.... I've always gone with the "keep the best players" strategy in keepers, and it's worked out great.

    • I would denifinitely keep the 3 hitters. Starting pitcher is pretty deep this year, I would say you would have a better chance of picking up Lester in the re-draft then any of those 3 hitters.


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