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  • Ungabunga Bingabunga Ungabunga Bingabunga Jan 27, 2011 2:02 PM Flag

    keeper trade A or B

    A gets R Braun and M Garsa
    B gets King Felix and I Kinsler

    Which side would you rather have.
    We keep any 8 players

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    • Keeping an injury prone player is like a disability. I'm in my 5th year in a dynasty league and I've made the playoffs every year sans the year I lost my whole pitching staff to retirement/injury and a couple hitters. Mind you I returned to the playoffs the following year after finishing 15th of 16th.

      It's fine to draft them in a 1 year league, because in all likelihood there will be a season in their career they'll play 150 games.

      but seriously Kinsler has gotten hurt the past 2 or 3 years. Every year of his career, if I'm not mistaken. It would behoove you to get your value/core in more reliable commodities like Braun who is the #1 OF to have in a keeper, in my book. Why not Hamilton? The same reason I wouldn't want Kinsler. Cuz an injury to that important of a keeper can break your team.

      Maybe he stays healthy this year. Kudos, do you really want to deal with that every year?

    • Although I love Braun and expect a bigger season than 2010, Kinsler (when healthy) is a legit 30/30 threat from 2B (ridiculously shallow this year). Not to mention Felix is a top 3 pitcher. Both are still young enough to be keepers for several years.

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      • *when healthy, 30/30 is a pipe dream. I took a 15th out of 16 and turned it into a 3rd place finish... in one year. Take my word for it, you want Braun. You can load up on a quantity of good starters and overcome a Felix. You can't do the same on the hitting side of it. Want some good pitchers for this year? Watch K:BB in ST. Led me to draft 3 and only 3 last year in the expansion of a 16/25 keeper: Liriano, Marcum, Garcia. You will find no such hitters with that kind of impact in the later rounds of your draft.

    • Take Team A.

      8 Keepers means get the best keepers possible. Braun is just that and also the best hitter of the deal.

      As valuable as Felix is in a keeper, hitters are worth more.

      On top of that Kinsler is oft injured, you don't want to handcuff yourself with an injury prone player with only 8 to choose from.

      Despite Garza flyball pitcher going to Wrigley. Its one of the easiest divisions to pitch in. The Cards are good, and the Brewers/Reds are okay. Much easier to pitch to than NYY and BOS, the Jays were also quietly a power happy team last year. On top of that BAL is a much better hitting team than HOU and PIT.

    • I would prefer A in normal leagues b/c it brings a round 1 offensive player and a pretty good pitcher that will now be facing pitchers hitting instead of DH's.

      Oh, and the Mariner's offense is horrible which negates wins for Felix and Kinsler appears to have an injury history now.


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