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  • Lucky Lucky Jan 23, 2011 5:39 PM Flag

    Neftali Feliz

    Feliz is going to be stretched out during spring training and given a chance to show what he can do as a starter, according to manager Ron Washington.

    Does this make Feliz more or less attractive come draft day for you? Going from an elite closer to a young inexperienced starting pitcher, having never started a major league game, let alone gone through an entire season as a starter, I think he drops about 40 spots in my rankings if he is put in to the Rangers starting rotation.

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    • pass on feliz

    • if i remember right didnt they try this before. he did fine the first time through the lineup, but the second time through hitters made adjustments and he got lit up.

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      • Whoever says pass on Feliz is an IDIOT. Sure pass on him in the first 10 rounds maybe. But is he's still available into say round 12 or so. Grab him. Just to say pass on him is absurd. Yeah pass on Feliz and take Gabby Sanchez = Genius ?

      • The kid is a stud, he was brought up as a starter, and that's what his ultimate role will be.
        He's far more valuable as a starter, he's got top 20 upside, and if he opens the season as a starter he's a top 40 guy to start.
        It may be rough the first time through, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him excel. The downside though is that he's never pitched more then 127 1/3 IP, which means that on the high end he'll be lucky to toss 150 IP...though I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers capped him at 120 IP or so.
        If he starts/finishes the season as a starter he'll be a great keeper, as a lower price tag.

    • Longterm i like it. I dont know if its gonna work (didnt with joba) but Neftali was a starter and will be a starter. The Rangers can hit and run support will be good enough for him. I think he could be a great starter, but well see.

      Hes a risky pick now, and you cant rely on anything and cant expect much, but he could end up being very valuable as a starter


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