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  • Jesse Jesse Jan 18, 2011 1:43 AM Flag

    smart keeper strategy

    Hey fantasy gurus... I need your advice.
    I need to pick 4 keepers.
    12 team mixed league; 5x5; auction ($260 budget)

    Here's the choices:
    Joey Votto $26
    Josh Hamilton $14
    Kevin Youkilis $1
    Jose Reyes $20
    Jon Lester $24
    David Wright $31
    Mark Teixeira $38
    Victor Martinez $26
    Shane Victorino $15
    Zack Greinke $35
    Cole Hamels $17
    Max Sherzer $10

    Clay Buchholz $1
    Juan Pierre $1
    Mike Stanton $1
    Kelly Johnson $1
    Carlos Marmol $1
    Edinson Volquez $1

    Any input is appreciated!

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    • I think it's pretty obvious that Josh Hamilton and Kevin Youkilis are two of your keepers.

      After that you have alot of great players at fair price, and then a bunch of good players at $1.

      I think that the final two keeper slots comes down to four players. Joey Votto- who's value is at least $10 higher at the option. So I'd probably add him to the short list.

      The final keeper slot comes down to three guys for me. Clay Buccholz, Mike Stanton and Carlos Marmol.

      All these players are going to go for much more then a $1 at auction, I think that Marmol will present the greatest value as he's likely a $18 or so closer.
      Mike Stanton has the tools to become a Adam Dunn like slugger (minus the walks), and he's getting plenty of love from people this off season. The only down side to keeping a rookie is the potential for the dreaded sophmore slump....but of course for a dollar it's worth the risk.
      Buccholz is a good pitcher and had a very good season last year, but I don't see him as an imposing strike out artist, as his K/9 of 6.22 wasn't that great. We know that the wins will be there on that team, and the peripherials last season were great, but I wouldn't bank on a sub 2.50 ERA this season...after all his FIP and XFIP were 3.61 and 4.20.

      Typically I wouldn't recommend keeping a closer but when they represent such a tremendous value, I think you have to go with them.

      The money you save by keeping these great values will allow to get a few of your players back, and if you really want Stanton , you'll be able to accommodate his salary inflation.

    • Hamilton, Youk, Buchholz, Pierre

    • bucholtz at $1 for the last one

    • Juan Pierre is a STEAL!

    • Votto 26
      Hamilton 14
      Youk 1?
      Lester 24

    • I really only need help with a fourth choice - I already plan on keeping Votto, Hamilton, and Youkilis (I get him for $1 don't ask me how)... so who would be #4?

      Should I go with Jose Reyes for $20
      or Lester $24 so I have a solid SP ace
      or one of the $1 gems like Buchholz, Stanton, Marmol

      I hate to drop Teixeira but he's not a deal at $38
      neither is Greinke at $35
      and I can let go of Wright since Youk will gain 3B eligibility


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