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  • weeman24 weeman24 Jan 9, 2011 3:55 PM Flag

    Who is next years Joey Votto?

    Any all round slugger going to make the break through?

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    • Heyward and Ethier

      Both (when healthy) last season showed .320-40-110 potential

    • I like Kendry Morales, you could make the argument that he already had his coming out party, in 2009. However, I feel like he can get to an even higher level than that. If you are looking for a true dark horse in every sense of the word, I would say that Gaby Sanchez looks like a nice sleeper. Check his rookie line compared to Votto's rookie year.
      Sanchez, 572 abs, 273 avg, 19 hrs, 85 rbi, 5 sbs, 72 runs, 101 k's
      Votto-526 abs, 297 avg, 24 hrs, 84 rbi, 7 sbs, 69 runs, 102 k's
      I don't think Sanchez will ever hit 30 hrs but I do think he can hit. I would not be surprised to see him bump up to 300-25-90-9-85.

    • I am going to say Buster Posey. Based on your example of Joey Votto from last year, you are looking for a player that will be drafted in the third round who will perform like a first rounder. I think Posey has that type of potential. I also like Heyward this year, but probably wouldn't take him before round 5-6 in a yearly league. In a keeper/dynasty league I think you can make an argument that both Posey and Heyward would be good second round picks.

    • fantasy writer you beat me to it. I agree Kendry Morales and to a lesser degree Ike Davis.

    • Delmon Young is another one.

      He has every offensive tool there is and he's just entering his prime

    • Some people can't understand I guess?

    • I kinda like Billy Butler to beakout this year. Like Votto, he is coming off two very solid seasons. Like Votto, he is a 1bagger that had alot of hype. He will only be 25 this year and this was his line last year; .318 15 78 77.

      Obviously he suffers from a weak lineup. But i think he is capable of doubling his homer runs (hit 21 in '09). I wouldnt be surprised by a .310 28 95 85 line. Now thats not Votto's numbers from last year, but niether Heyward, Posey, or Sandavol will touch him either. But i like those guys as well

    • ill say this about heyward.. im not wasting a third round pick on him thats for damn sure. yes the kid is going to be a superstar but thats what everyone said about alex gordon. I need to see a couple productive years first.. ill grab sin soo choo who i know is going to hit 25 hrs and steal 25 bases before i grab heyward. As for morales, i think you saw his celing in 2009. he is not a 300 hitter. his carrer avg in the minors was 270-280. and last year before he got hurt he was hitting at a good rate but not his 2009 rate. morales is a great option in round 4 or five but i wouldnt take him before posey or youk.

    • I'm going to go in a different direction then everyone, how about Pablo Sandoval? Last year Pablo had the sophmore slump. He had some weight problems and some other things off the field weighing on his mind. But the guy proved he can hit for high average, and has a great swing. The Giants have already won the WS and should come out more confident in 2011. he is only 24 years old.

    • I dont get it...people say dont rush your expectations on Heyward, but hes a rookie that posted a .849 OPS when he wasnt fully healthy all year! 91 walks, its not like hes some free swinger whos BA and everything else will come down because he was lucky last year. Hes one of the most polished 20/21 year olds anyones seen in a long long time. I dont get why everyone has ungodly expectations for Buster Posey and not Jason Heyward. Hes nothing like Alex Gordon, Heyward is a much better and a MUCH more advanced hitter than him in every single facet of hitting. Heywards a monster and he'll show it this year just like he showed glimpses last year.

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