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    AL and NL potential MVP

    what players are likely to win the MVP award in the American and National league of 2011.

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    • I was thinking about this an past winners usually come from players who may not have had the most homeruns, or the highest avg or Rbi's but had good numbers overall and usually was the heart of their team making the playoffs who havent made it in awhile. I think for the National League i think Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder can be in good position to win. Braun always has solid numbers every year and if his team can win the NL central it might help bring some national spot light onto him and his accomplishment. He was top 3 in voting in 2008 the last time the brewers went to the playoffs and considering he had better numbers in 2009 and he finished 7th in the voting when they came up short. Prince Fielder is the power bat in that line up and he like Braun have come close a couple times, 2010 he put up solid numbers but was a let down after his 2009 numbers. But you have to realize he was tied second in the majors with HBP, and led both leagues in walks with 114. Thats over 140 times where the bat was taken out of his hand with a chance for him to drive in a run. That lineup is pretty dangerous and is getting to the point where teams can't afford to put extra runners on base. They were 4th in the NL with runs scored and 2nd in homeruns. If he can just put together a season somewhere in the middle between 2007 and 2009 he can be a consideration for MVP.

      As for AL Mvp it will be tough not to pick someone from that Boston lineup. It was dangerous before getting Crawford and AGon and now its scarey. Crawford if he can put something along the lines of 130 runs scored 15-20Hr's 80rbi's 310-320avg and 60SB i think he would be a top consideration for the award. I would happily take that 5 category line over a 45hr 130rbi guy. Kind of similar to what Rollins did in 2007 but he clubbed 30 hrs.

    • Likely canidates are easy. There's a list of 3 or 4 in either league who could be likely. Some longer shots I like though are delmon young, Ryan Zimmerman, and kendry morales.

    • He hits well in Atlanta but I really don't think he is a good hitter. My advice would be, wait until Weeks and Uggla are both gone then take Hill a couple of rounds later. I think Aaron Hill and Dan Uggla are very similar but I would give hill a pretty significant advantage in average (about 15-20 points higher). Uggla and Weeks will be drafted higher than they should based on 2010 results. Weeks is much more likely to meet expectations than Uggla. For more insight check out my blog.

    • Besides those already named, which I think everyone would agree have a good chance to be MVP based on previous experience, let me throw out a couple of other names of sleepers

      Tyler Colvin
      Jay Bruce
      Andre Ethier

      Aaron Hill
      Kendry Morales
      Franklin Guitierrez

      Adam Jones

      Unlikely yes, but again anyone can say Longoria, Cano, or any other top 20 player, just some out of the box players.

    • Let me start off by saying, I hate the Yankees:

      AL-Robinson Cano
      NL-Carlos Gonzalez

    • Bold MVP predictions -

      AL - Evan Longoria (leads the Rays to a +.500 record)
      NL - Hanley Ramirez (same story ^^)

      Actual MVP predictions -

      AL - Miguel Cabrera
      NL - Albert Pujols

    • My choices: AL=A-Gon....NL=Tulo


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