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  • John John Dec 27, 2010 8:20 PM Flag

    Howard or Cano

    I get by now that the two of you are not going to change your mind, despite the majority of the other guys agreeing with me. It’s cool, to each his own. But I do have a problem with Justin's rationalizations. Most of which you have said is extremely inaccurate.

    Mauer wasn't coveted solely because he was a catcher. People were high on him because he won the batting title with a .365 avg! He finished in the top 5 in OBP, SLG, and OPS. In deeper leagues these categories matter. He also blasted 28 home runs, and yes it was at the thinnest position. Those are the reasons he was so high, just look at the preseason ranks this year --- he has dropped dramatically because his production went down despite the fact he is still the best at his position.

    You brought up the Phillies line-up struggles last season to defend Howard's numbers and then dismissed my response when I said the Yankees had similar struggles around Cano. You claimed that for Jeter and Teixeira the, "only category that was down from what they typically do was their batting averages”. WHAT! How can you say that? Jeter and Teix both were dramatically under their norms in AVG, OBP, SLG, and stolen bases for Jeter, and HR and RBI for Teix. All of which directly attributes to either them getting on base, advancing bases, protecting Cano who hits behind him, and generally giving Cano opportunities to drive in runs. That fact that Arod missed a month cannot be cast aside because he has missed time in seasons before. He still missed a month this past season, yet Cano still put up MVP caliber numbers.
    Finally you said that, “he [Cano] set or matched career highs in 3 out of 5 of the typical H2H categories”. That statement is accurate actually, but then again last year was his age 27 season….. Isn’t that was a player entering his prime year is supposed to do? I mean you’re making it sound like he is Russell Branyan! The kid has gotten consistently better and why would you not expect him to at least repeat his numbers over the next 3-5 seasons? Perhaps even surpassing some categories this year or next is an entirely reasonable expectation.

    The fact that Cano is a better keeper than Howard should be easily seen. It makes me question either your knowledge of the game or whether you are the homers you accused me of being earlier in this thread….

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    • I still stand by what i said that Mauer was coveted solely because he is an offensive catcher. And yes in deeper leagues where OBP, SLG, and OPS does matter he was worth his draft spot. But the average people on here aren’t in those leagues. Some leagues count Doubles, triples, complete games, shut outs etc. And his production didn't drop dramatically i think. I just think he hit stats that are typical for him; the homeruns in 2009 were the only stat that was extreme from what he typically does. Still was 4th best in avg, and 5th best in OBP. People wanted him that high because of his power production though. They were expecting 20 plus homeruns 90plus Rbis to be his norm.

      As for Jeter and Teixeira: I don’t go by what a player does the year before. If i have a larger sample size i go by what he does every year.

      Jeter scored 111 runs, his highest since 2006, he hit 10 homeruns: his previous 5 year homerun totals were 18, 11,12,14,19. Not really far off. Same thing with his 67 RBI’s: 66, 69,73,97,70. Very typical. His 18 stolen bases: 30, 11, 15, 34, 14. Nothing crazy there. His avg which i said dropped off i don’t need to show. The guy is a lifetime 314 hitter. His 270 avg is not a normal thing from him. Now if you are going to refer to OBP, SLG, and OPS again then yes i will agree those stats were also down of his norm. But i don’t typically go by those but like i said before in my last statement i was only going by the 5 offensive stat categories in H2H.

      Teixeira: He set a career high in runs scored for 2010, his 33 homeruns was tied for his 2nd highest total in 5 years. His 108 RBI’s were down from last year (122) and the year before (121). But 2007 he had 105, 2006 he had 110. So 108 don’t seem so abnormal. Yes he did have 144 Rbi's in 2005 but you have to consider he has never come close to duplicating that career year in 5 years His 256 avg is below what he typically does. Same applies to what i said about Jeter about OBP, SLG, and OPS.
      If a player typically misses a month the past 3 years people get used to it. . Yes he missed a month but he was still second best in MLB with 120 RBI’s and had 30 homeruns. And it’s not like Cano didn’t get plenty of RBI opportunity their 859 runs scored as a team was a league high, they were 3rd in homeruns and first in RBI's. A star studded team their isn’t a bad player in that line up. Cano had Jeter, Swisher,Arod, and Tex in front of him and Berkman, Posada, Granderson, and Gardner behind him. When Arod was out they moved Gardner to lead off and had Swisher batting behind Cano and moved Cano into the cleanup spot. No one can complain about opportunities in that line up or not having protection. Except a Yankee fan of course.

      Yes Cano was 27 during the season during his prime physically. His 6th season in the majors he did great. Yes, it is possible for him to duplicate his production or exceed a stat here or there over the next 4 or 5 years. Chase Utley did it for numerous years, but it is also possible he can go back to 2008 season as well. It’s a matter of opinion on what side you are on. Same with Jose Bautista. Some people think his power numbers will be there again next year, i on the other hand feel he had a Brady Anderson season and will come back to earth. I don't really go off what the majority thinks or says. I rather come to my own conclusion. Just like what Sturgeon's Law says "ninety percent of everything is crap". I don't need everyone to agree with me, if someone likes my opinion and i can help them make a better decision or the very least see it from a different perspective even if they don’t agree with me then that’s fine.

      Phillies aren't or anyone in the NL is even my team. I wasn't even the one that accused you of being a Yankees fan big guy might want to go back and re check that. As for my knowledge my fantasy baseball my performance is at 71%, i am not perfect but i must be doing something right.


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