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  • John John Dec 27, 2010 6:21 AM Flag

    Howard or Cano

    I'm pretty sure you’re not saying 2nd base is deeper than 1st, but I wanna be sure. So are you? You named some good options at 2nd. But again I’d take Cano and Morneau over Howard and Johnson. I don’t have to talk about what Cano CAN DO, I can talk about what he did do. Cano batted .319, drove in 109, scored 103 runs, and hit 29 homers. Cano also missed Arod for a month, had Teixeira and Jeter produce career low numbers in front of him and he still raked. Cano had a better year than Howard THIS YEAR, period. Cano does play at a shallower position. If you could argue not taking Kevin Youkilis until the 10th spot at his position than you have the deepest position in baseball.

    The question was, who is the better keeper? Now are you really gonna sit there and say Howard is the better keeper? Really?
    Cano is "projected" to be a great player and that is why he is ranked in both ESPN and MLB.com's pre season top 10 overall. So, if you’re gonna say, "everyone talks about what Cano can do", that’s fine. That’s what fantasy baseball IS, i mean come on. The goal is to find breakouts players before they break out. In this case Cano already has!

    Also Peter Gammons may have picked the Indians to be a team to watch in 2010 but he was also the only one of about 30 writers to pick Japan to win the first WBC. I think he knows what he is talking about even if he gets some wrong. It might be a little early to give up on the 23 year old Justin Upton pal.

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    • Dont get me wrong, first base is deep and has some of the best offensive players in the game. I am saying 2nd base is deep as well for its offensive range. It will never match what an average 1st baseman can do. I guess its just me, but i never worried about taking the best at a certain position. Like the arguement with earlier this year about taking Joe Mauer so early. Yes he is a great hitting catcher but compared to everyone else is offensive numbers is in the middle of the pack.

      I am not knocking Cano, i had him on a few of my teams and Cano did have a great yet, but like i said before he set or matched career highes in 3 out of 5 of the typical H2H categories. I think he will be a productive hitter in the future but i don't expect him to constantly set career highs every season. And i wouldnt say it was an off year for Jeter or Tex. the only category that was down from what they typically do was their batting average. And yes ARod did miss a month. But that is nothing new, he hasnt played a full season since 2007.

      I just see Howard hitting 40plus home runs, driving in 130, and 100 plus runs scored in 2011,2012,2013 and to me that is why i would keep him. That's all i am going to write on this subject, i am not trying to change anyone's mind, just give a different perspective on the issue.


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