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  • Robby Robby Dec 17, 2010 1:26 PM Flag

    My Projected 1st Round in 2011

    Let's assume 12-person non-keeper league

    1. A. Pujols (lock)
    2. H. Ramirez (lock)
    3. M. Cabrera (lock)
    4. J. Votto
    5. T. Tulowitzki (I think he goes here due to pos scarcity but I'd rather have Braun or Longoria here)
    6. R. Braun (lock)
    7. E. Longoria (lock)
    8. J. Hamilton
    9. A. Rodriguez (lock)
    10. R. Cano
    11. C. Gonzalez
    12. R. Halladay (lock)

    I've denoted players I consider 'locks' (players that will undoubtedly put up 1st round-type bumbers 100% of the time) with the 'lock' tag to discern these players from players that are riskier for where they are being drafted.

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    • arod and halliday do not make my top 12, but no real arguments on your group. i would rather utley and zimmerman in the 12.

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      • 1 Pujols
        2Hanley Ramirez
        3 Miquel Cabrera
        7 Hamilton
        10 Crawford
        13 Arod
        15 Texeira
        16 Cano
        17 Ryan Howard
        18 Fielder
        19 Holliday
        20 Adrian Gonzalez

        First time I wrote out a list since last year. Just a rough draft. Sure I forgot some easy ones. Not sure I feel great about Votto all the way up to number 4 but he helped me win my league last year and looks to be for real.

        Arod drops pretty far but can't count him out due to 3rd base eligibility,Longoria would be higher but losing his supporting cast. Crawford ranked high because I think he will be even more valuable in Fenway,.

        Tulo ranked high,but I trust him every year now and SS eligible. Utely would be higher but a bit concerned after last year. I really like Adrian Gonzalez this year but out of respect to other first basemen who could and should rebound I ranked Gonzalez 20th.

        Again sure I forgot some people. First time thinking about f baseball since Sept.

    • Arod should not be a first round pick, if he is, expect third round numbers because he won't play more than 145 games and that would even be surprising.

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      • 30-35 home runs, 100-125 rbi, .280 avg, 10 stolen bases.

        Yea id say thats a first round

        He had 125 rbi last season, 20 more than Longoria in 20 less games. Don't be took quick to write off Arod guy. You would be a fool to pass on Arod through 2 rounds.

        Also, Agon has got to be higher on that list now that he is out of PETCO and has protection throughout his line-up.

        40+ homer, 110+ rbi easy

    • Looks pretty solid. I have Crawford ranked ahead of A-Rod due to A-Rod's age and general health issues.

      Other than that, right on.

      Rich J.
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