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  • Rocketman_203 Rocketman_203 Dec 16, 2010 7:49 AM Flag

    2nd pick suggestions...

    I have the 2nd pick in a brand new keeper league. Is Hanley still the automatic second best player or has Votto, Hamilton, Cabrera, Tulowitski or someone else moved into that crucial spot? Your suggestions please? Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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    • I'd take an infielder before anything. To be honest, I like Tulo over Hanley right now. Although they're probably the 2 best at the position.. so you can't go wrong either way. As much as I like Votto, I just don't think I can pick him over Cabrera. Hamilton i'd be more than comfortable with choosing as my first OF. Though I have had bad luck with him in the past.

    • Take Hanley. There are only 3 premiere Shortstops in the league with great fantasy value(Hanley-Tulo-Reyes.. in that order) Hanley can be the best fantasy player so I would even take him #1. The problem with pujols, miggy, and votto. Is that 1B production is very similar. Theres just so much fantasy depth at 1b( teixera, agon, morneau. etc)

    • The funny thing is Chase, JAH, and myself are all is this league with rocketman and we're all giving him advice on who to take...lol

      I think you should take Lance Berkman 2nd overall....Just kidding! :)

    • i will take cabrera at 2 in 2011.

    • take Miggy ( triple Crown coming,) then grab Ellesbery on the way back for his 70 bags and 115 runs then on the way back down grab the best middle infielder left

    • do not sleep on cargo, he will have a better season then tulo will

    • hey rocket man is that 101 for years old? if so i will answere quickly lol. .....still like him here

    • I think Han Ram is the best pick, maybe better than Pujols already. Also, Miggy will replace Pujols this year as well. Now im not taking anything away from Prince Albert but Miggy is getting better every year and last year his numbers were nuts.

    • There are about 4 or 5 guys you can grab there that are all similar value.... Miggy, Crawford, Hanley, Braun, and even Tulo. Personally, I'd grab Miggy. Reason - This is the worst he's done in every cat for his CAREER!

      85 R, 26 HR, 103 RBI, 1 SB, .294 BA

      That's a career year for 99% of the league.

      100 R, 36 HR, 117 RBI, 4 SB, .317 BA

      That's his average season since his rookie year. Consistency is this dudes forte. Plus, he's now into his prime, which I think was evident after last years performance....

      Like I said, no real wrong answer. But there are guys like Castro and Andrus at SS to take later; Prado and Beckham at 2B, and so many others to take late. Why not get the 2nd best guarantee in the league?

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      • I miss Miggy at 3rd baseman. Not from a defensive perspective but for Fantasy baseball. At first he kind of got lost in the shuffle of it all beginning of 2010 with Fielder,Howard,Pujols and Tex. having tremendous numbers in 2009. I sticked with miggy when i had a late round pick because of his consistent numbers. He won't match Fielders,Howards, Pujols and Tex homerun potential but he is Pujols lite. Hopefully with Ordonez can be as good as he was in 2010 before he got hurt and with Victor Martinez there as well Miggy should have some good protection and get baserunners to knock in as well knock him in.

    • Hanley is the pick here for sure. I could make the arguement that he's the #1 pick.

      Hanley hit .342 in 09
      Hanley hit 33 HR in 08
      Hanley has stolen 50 bases twice in his career
      Hanley plays the thinnest position is Fantasy Baseball
      Hanley is only 27
      Hanley has never missed more than 20 games in a season

      Name another player that could do this....342 AVG..33HR..50SB......there isn't one

      Take Hanley and don't look back!

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      • It's tough to go against Hanley as the number two pick,but Pujols is without question the number one, not Hanley. While it's true Hanley had a monster 2009, his overall numbers are slowly declining as the wear and tear of playing all those games you mentioned is taking it's toll. He may not steal 50 again and he certainly won't drive in 100 runs unless he drops in the batting order. Plus, it remains to be seen how losing Uggla effects his numbers too. That said, he's still a solid number two pick...for now.

        Since this is a keeper league, I would think seriously of taking M Cabrera at number two. He has the same BA, more HR and RBI's and will score almost as many runs. Then try to get Reyes at SS.

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