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  • hammer hammer Dec 16, 2010 2:02 PM Flag

    2nd pick suggestions...

    It's tough to go against Hanley as the number two pick,but Pujols is without question the number one, not Hanley. While it's true Hanley had a monster 2009, his overall numbers are slowly declining as the wear and tear of playing all those games you mentioned is taking it's toll. He may not steal 50 again and he certainly won't drive in 100 runs unless he drops in the batting order. Plus, it remains to be seen how losing Uggla effects his numbers too. That said, he's still a solid number two pick...for now.

    Since this is a keeper league, I would think seriously of taking M Cabrera at number two. He has the same BA, more HR and RBI's and will score almost as many runs. Then try to get Reyes at SS.


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