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  • Brandon Brandon Dec 7, 2010 4:10 PM Flag

    Need some help with Keepers

    So, I recently took over a last place team in a keeper league. I get to keep 6 bats, 2 SP, 1 P and 1 RP. The league is pretty deep, I picked up a lot of top rookies/prospects in the hopes they come thru and build my team back up.
    My team is:
    Carlos Santana - C
    Billy Butler - 1B
    Robinson Cano - 2B
    Jimmy Rollins - SS
    Neil Walker - 2B/3B(don't think he'll keep that next year tho)
    Curtis Granderson - OF
    Travis Snider - OF
    Austin Jackson - OF
    Desmond Jennings - OF
    Logan Morrison - 1B/OF
    Jesus Montero - C
    John Jaso - C

    Johnny Cueto - SP
    Gio Gonzalez - SP
    Jair Jurrjens - SP
    Mat Latos - SP
    Javier Vazquez - SP
    Edinson Volquez - SP
    Randy Wells - SP
    Rafael Soriano - RP
    Leo Nunez - RP

    I'm leaning towards Cano, Santana, Jennings, Snider, Montero and either Butler or Morrison

    Pitchers, I'd go with Latos, Gio Gonzalez, Edinson Volquez and Soriano

    Any thoughts?

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    • Butler, Cano, Morrison, Jennings, Snider, Montero, Latos, Soriano

    • I've been running a league for 16 years and have about 25 auctions under my belt. First off nice list to choose from but do not expect rookies to help you all that much, especially pitchers
      Also you are in a mixed league how many teams are there? If there are less than 20 there is no reason to leave an auction without putting together a team of offensive starters, no part time players should be on a roster

      Carlos Santana-coming off a leg injury but is a rookie I would gamble on
      Billy Butler-he could be so much better than he is pundits predicted over 30hr last year due to the 50 doubles he hit in 2009, he was not even close.
      Robinson Cano-stud
      Jimmy Rollins - injury prone for 4 seasons in a row pass
      Neil Walker - last year was no fluke highly regarded just needed a chance.
      Curtis Granderson-you know what you get here 20-20 with a putrid avg
      Travis Snider-his time may have come power potential is tremendous, see if he gets the job in Spring Training
      Austin Jackson -his first 1/2 was off the charts, 2nd half was abysmal so it looks like he had a good season, he didnt....pass
      Desmond Jennings -lots of potential, but rookie pains to be expected
      Logan Morrison - keeper draws walks can hit
      Jesus Montero -he will focus on calling a good game more than his hitting think Cervelli light
      John Jaso - good season

      Jaso/Santana, Cano, Morrison, Snider, Walker, Butler

      Johnny Cueto - keeper
      Gio Gonzalez -keeper he has cut his walks down
      Jair Jurrjens -pass
      Mat Latos - keeper
      Javier Vazquez - at 35 we have seen what we get go with young hard throwers
      Edinson Volquez -coming off TJ surgery
      Randy Wells - not a bad season but hes mediocre
      Rafael Soriano - proven to be healthy finally
      Leo Nunez -despite being a closer, he really isnt, also he lost his job as a closer last season

      SP-Latos, Gio Gonzalez, Cueto

      • 1 Reply to Paul
      • Hey, Thanks for the reply. The league is 14 teams deep. I'm trying to get a rough draft on my keepers. I can see how they all do in spring to finalize my decisions.

        My issue with Walker is that he's a 2B. I like his production, but I have Cano there. If he keeps 3B eligibility next year, I'd be much more tempted to keep him. I'll probably keep Santana since there's no platoon for him like Tampa did with Jaso last year. If Montero wins the job out of spring, I could probably move him or Santana for a big upgrade to whoever has an aging catcher on his team. It's hard to give up on the potential in these keepers. Especially if Montero and Jennings live up to their hype. My gamble is that most teams have a good first baseman that they'll probably keep, so I can probably snag Butler in the draft.

        I tend to agree with you on the pitching keepers. I waffle between Cueto and Volquez, because I feel like Volquez can be so dominant if he comes back from TJ surgery strong. He shows some nice improvements at the end of last year. I guess I'll have to monitor his and Cueto's spring.

        Thanks for the advice. Wish draft time would come sooner..

    • I'd keep Butler, Cano, Jackson, Granderson, Rollins, and Santana...stack your team with sbs and runs...then try to dominate pitching stats in next year's draft. ...

      Keep Nunez as RP
      Cueto as SP
      Latos as SP
      and R. Soriano as P

      Then go after Ks and SVs..the ERA will come with your SVs...


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