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    Jose BAUTISTA what a year he should be in the running for MVP

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    • Hitting homeruns doesn't give you the MVP and the fact he is batting 262 and the Blue Jays are 4th in their own division means he shouldnt get the MVP. Josh Hamilton will probably win the award.

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      • dude if the rangers werent in the playoffs would you still consider hamilton as an mvp? his team is fourth in a divsion that boasts 2 playoff teams and oh yea, the boston redsox. so you hold that against the man? not educated.
        and lets say hamilton played for the brewers, and robinson cano for the orioles would all you hamilton fans and cano fans still be singing the same song, i doubt it. because apparently you have to play on winning team in order to get the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award which is based all on one mans individual stats. ridiculous people.
        now i am not saying that hamilton or cano are not worthy of it, and not saying that bautista should hands down be the mvp. there all worthy of the award, its just bull that people are saying that bautista is not worthy of the award. and all because of his average and the team hes on.
        and a note to the average haters, sure cano had a higher average, but baustista hands down blew him and all the a.l. sluggers away in homeruns. not saying that homeruns alone warrants an mvp but you all sound stupid arguing that he isnt worthy because of his avg. and that a guy like a cano had a .xxx for an average. thats just stupid and the same argument could be held on the other side than, bautista had 54 homeruns and a player like cano only had 29. so one man dominated the other in man in one category. so what?
        and you whining bout average, if bautista had 23 more hits he would of hit an even .300. there is 25 weeks to a baseball season, that comes out to less than a full hit a week. so because he didnt average less than 1 hit per week extra for the whole season you throw him aside from the MVP talks.
        but honestly i think a mans batting average is overrated, i look at their OBP. thats a stat worth taking into consideration and for me is way more valuable than a mans AVG. and when you compare that there is only a .003 difference between bautista and a guy ive seen mentioned on here as MVP, cano, bautista is to me the clear winner.
        bautista should definitely be considered a serious contender for for it. and, if it were up to me id give the mvp to bautista. i think he is the clear cut, MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. remember its a award that should is supposed to be based on 1 mans accomplishments,not what his team does. thats not even fair.
        but again to those arguing for hamilton, and cano replace their stats and add bautista's, the rangers and the yankees record would have a couple more wins in the win column.
        and also consider this, if it werent for bautista how much worse would the blue jays record of been.
        get a clue

      • The last time someone hit in the .270s and won MVP was Bench. But of course, Greg, you are correct.

    • he is hitting home runs. and yes they do seem to be timely and right when the jays need them, but MVP's dont hit .255. however the AL mvp is open so maybe his name will come up, but winning it i think is out of the question

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      • im not a jays fan or anything but anyone who thinks he is not mvp worthy because of his average and because his team is not in the playoffs are idiots. MOST VALUABLE PLAYER is what MVP stands for. its an award for individuals, for the one player who was most valuable. and why wouldnt you consider bautista a most valued player? its not a team award,(for all that whine, "his team didnt make the playoffs"),playoffs is a achievement that takes the whole team, not one man. if he played for the Bankees i think hed be taken more seriously, but unfortunately he plays for the bluejays, for a team that plays in the hardest division in baseball, the fact he is not a household name like a pujols or another popular slugger, people are more bias to that. its like the voting for the all star game, the fans vote their fave players, instead of the ones that actually deserve to be there. if he played for a more marketable team, and for one that is contending for the world series right now i think it would be a different situation for the man. its ridiculous that anybody thinks he isnt worthy of the mvp, get a clue people, thats just not educated

      • the fact that hes hittting 255 has nothing to do with him not getting the mvp, hes not an mvp because his team isnt in the race with him and they obviously wouldnt be without him. If he was on a playoff team he would be the mvp regardless of his average, You people really sound silly with the average talk, people have been talking about that all year, who cares if hes hitting .262, the guy has 109 runs, 54 home runs, 124 rbi.

    • Oh look Josh Hamilton won it... :) that was easy. It went Hamilton, Cabrera, Cano and..last but not least Bautista...

    • no he shouldnt be.

    • AL MVP will probably go to Cano or Miguel Cabrera and NL MVP will go to Carlos Gonzalez.

    • He has played in 130 games? What more do you want from him. Given the fact the numbers he has in 130 games is impressive. The Rangers wouldnt be where they are without him. Ever since they got him from the Reds he has made this a better team. Besides If Hamilton finishes the year out playing every game that would give them 133 games played. Mauer played in 138 games last year. Vlad has been a pillar for this team too, but Hamilton just beyond him in impact i think

    • studmuffin you once again show yourself to be a moron. Its not about stats, hes not on a playoff team and he therefore not all that valuable. If Bautista was on a team that was in the playoffs he wouldve been mvp with the same numbers he has now. Learn the game kid, then come back.

    • Chris Davis

    • Maybe in the running for Most Improved Player, but certainly not MVP.

    • 85-77 if you told me toronto would be 8 games over 500 to finish the season i would call you crazy.i think you have to take a long look here at him.but i do think hamilton will get it or how about vlad man what a season he had

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