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  • Goondal Goondal Sep 13, 2010 7:45 PM Flag

    Josh Johnson to DL?

    Is he going to be put on the DL or will he not be since rosters have expanded?

    If he will not be put there then I need some advice. I am in a 3 player keeper. Only one has to be a pitcher. I was going to place Johnson on the DL and keep him. If he cannot go on the DL then keeping him could hurt my playoff chances. I could keep Latos or Kershaw if I had to cut Johnson. I had the #1 seed this year and just started the semi-finals. This is one of the bst teams I have ever put together (1st in 6 of 8 Offensive Categories and 2nd in another) so I want to do everything I can this season. I figure I have three choices:

    1) Cut him and keep Kershaw or Latos

    2) Keep him for now. If I do not need that spot then I can still keep Johnson. If I fall way behind by Friday and realize my chances are done then I can just keep him since this year will be lost. If I realize I need the spot to try and win this week then I cut him.

    3) Keep him regardless and just try and win with one less bench player.

    Here is the rest of my staff if it matters:
    SP: Kershaw, Latos, D. Hudson, Carpenter, Oswalt, Lillt, B. Anderson
    RP (Holds league): Benoit, Uehera, Thornton, Jenks, Capps, Feliz

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